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Monday, December 08, 2008


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interesting eye candy, but is this really usable? Kinda interesting that they are using older versions of both the SL viewer code and the opensim stuff. I get worried when the dev forks and then you lose the flow new code releases.

But the real interesting question around all over this--when is SL going to allow meshes???

Dusan Writer

RAR - the fork is actually being rejoined. Check out Adam Frisby's post on the topic:


"For the last month and a half, we’ve been working with the realXtend team to convert their version of OpenSimulator, to something that closer resembles a suite of OpenSim plugins rather than a fork."

Good question on meshes. :)

Kyle G

I agree with rightasrain above, we (G2/ReactionGrid) stick with the latest OpenSim core for stability and compatibility and while we are dying for meshes on our grid we must maintain or improve our current level of uptime and reliability, never go backwards.

For that reason we will need to test this new design in grid mode extensively and hopefully if it works well and is cross platform we can begin deploying it.

I am blown away by the tech videos and the RealXtend teams work and hope the OpenSim core benefits with meshes very soon. Bravo RealXtend for pushing the envelope.

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