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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Veeyawn Spoonhammer

Whilst it takes some attention to detail to put together an attractive avatar the truth is "aesthetically pleasing" is easily bought in our little world.

I challenge Iris to seek out SL's Most Interesting Avatar (male, female or otherwise). A task, I think, that would take many months to achieve. Perhaps the readers here could devise a series of questions or criteria for such a contest?

Sehra Kauffman

Vote Bone!

Alicia Chenaux

GO BONE!!!!!

Patchouli Woollahra

Veeyawn Spoonhammer: Whilst it takes some attention to detail to put together an attractive avatar the truth is "aesthetically pleasing" is easily bought in our little world.

It's one thing to throw several thousand L$ at a random assortment of skin, clothing and hair manufacturers, but it's another to think very carefully about what sort of image you want out of it.

And this ignores the fact that there are actually people who homebrew their own shade of awesome in at least one department for their own use. And they manage to do so creditably. A good sense of aesthetics is not easily bought, even if you get someone else to fix things for you.

Please give your fellow residents some credit for being able to determine at some point that they want to be different. Such statements, true or not, tend to be rather hurtful and generic.


I think we've all seen "easily bought" and it's not necessarily "aesthetically pleasing".

Iris has done a wonderful job of bringing us a selection of unique avatars (albeit humanoid) with a range of styles who don't look like the run-of-the-mill SL uberbouncer. WTG Iris, and go Bone!!

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

Oh I certainly meant no offense and I'm sure content was created by these guys. My post was an attempt to open a conversation about a world where aesthetics are bought and if anyone can 'look' good what becomes the measure of attractiveness? Which is why I went on about finding the most interesting av.

Ayanne Ansar

Great selection! What ever happened to the ones we voted for in round one ?
Domch Raymaker and Turlututu Chaffe were on top of the list but are not on this list anymore.


While everyone can look good in SL with a few clicks of the mouse, not everyone does. This is why Depende is hot, because he has style. Have you read his blog? Before Dpende stopped blogging, I use to look there all the time for gift ideas for guys. If I were a male avatar, I would want to look like that.

Hamlet Au

@ Ayanne: These final 10 were selected by Iris from the semi-final rounds.


Depende and Tur and 2 of the hottest SL men in all of SL *drools*

Riven Homewood

How were the finalists determined?

My memory is there were 3 semi-final rounds. There are 10 finalists.

Are these #1 & 2 from each round? (then how did we get 10?) Are they the avatars who made the 10 highest scores from all the rounds? Or was some other rubric used?

Where can I find the results from the previous rounds? Thanks!

Sands Leavitt

I was in processing of writting a blog entry about fashion, my thoughts on it and such and when I came across this post and some of the comments. I thought I should share a link here :



Isn't this over already? Rounds, more rounds, more rounds... I voted, then voted, then voted again. It's a great idea for a contest, but... not worth all this. Pick one of these gorgeous men and let's hear about something else. :)


They all look great. I've always been a fan of Dpende even when I didn't know how to say his name. I don't care who gets the popular vote. Ya'll winners! XD

Lyric Edge

Whoa, Boner is hot and unique.


Vote Boner. BITCHES!


Calling votees bitches will get em to vote for your "boner?" Well, maybe ... if they've been to prison or something. I voted for Dpende, bish. :-P Warrrrr. o.o


Okay seriously, if we're voting for aesthetically pleasing avies...Bone doesn't even stand a chance.
He's super funny and has a large following with blog (which I only discovered couple days ago since I'd never heard of him or this said blog O.O), but...I'd wouldn't chose him as the hottest.

Vote Dpende! *drools*

Sehra Kauffman

Um, yes he does. Bone is incredibly hot. He's hot in a non-cookie cutter sense. (Which I think is even better.)

Joshua Walsh

I don't understand how it could be that both Kirk Claymore and Maddox Dupont made it to the final round when, in the last semifinal round, they were dead last. Why are people voting if those votes don't count? Iris has the right to name the finalists, but seriously, why bother having people vote (and increase the page hits on this blog) when it's all just academic.

And what happened to Domch Raymaker? He was at the top of the votes in the last round, and now he's gone?

dandellion Kimban

Voted Dpende!

Thaumata Strangelove

I was thinking the same thing Joshua was. In round three, for example, Baron Grayson had about half the vote - way more than Dpende, for example. Not picking on anyone, but it seems unexpected to see certain faces here in this final vote and not others.

I'd be interested in hearing how that happened.

Laurah Oh

the most beautiful (to me) isn't there...
Turlututu Chaffe... where is his name? :P

anyways LOL @ Bone Mosten (is it serious?)

no vote from me, sorry, ahah.


I have seen other Avatars with gorgeous faces in SL. No offense to anyone. This looks seems more like a popularity contest.


This is not a popularity contest. Hardly anyone has heard of Dpende Control, but they can appreciate his avatar anyways :P


I don't think people realize just how much my self-worth hinges on winning this contest. I know, it's sad. I used to see a shrink about. But then I found out his avatar was prettier then mine, so I had to fire him.


@Gogo: No this is not a popularity contest, Im sure that is why you did not decide to mention someone else's name. Not that I disagree with him being attractive.

Anyway I didnt mean to offend anyone. It was just what I felt after reading the comments above.


Hmm, if you read carefully what Iris wrote about these people, its not just the votes (it had an influence though) but its more about what these people have accomplished. Somebody may have gotten a million votes but hey, at the end of the day its all about what you do.


Bone, you're adorable! Srsly, I don't even know you but if Dpende didn't exist, I might have even voted for you over all the other guys. But this contest has been bugging me since last year ;P


Guys if you are not happy with the selection maybe you should run your own contest. This is Iris blog and she can do whatever she wants. And if you are not happy with the selection then don't vote or fret. There are more important things in this world rather than whinning about somebody's opinion.

Joshua Walsh

It's not really "whinning" (or whining even). It's a question, asking why we or anyone should bother to vote, when votes don't seem to count. I don't really care about any of these "men." I know none of them. I've met a few, and didn't like the ones I met, frankly! But that's beside the point.

I simply asked a question. I did say Iris has a right to do whatever the hell she wants, brava, cheers, more power to Iris. I don't have time to do a blog, nor the desire or inclination.

On second thought...perhaps I should. Hmm...

J Beck

I like the 10 finalists. I am sure Iris chose them wisely.

I think Iris chose the finalist based on what they do not just because of the votes coming from their friends and supporters. Arj Friedkin actually did have the lowest votes in one of the semi final rounds but because of his involvement with Homme Magazine, he is in the top ten. I dont know Dpende or Bone but I do respect Iris picks.

I guess you just can't make everyone happy.


Ashleey Andrew

THOSE are the hottest guys in the grid?
I'm totally gonna start doing girls.



This contest is a total sham. Where is Lawless with his amazing fashion sense and ability and he is not even on this list anymore. And since 2 of these nominees are probably responsible for half the roided bouncer types you see around SL yet they are here makes me laugh also. And for those who have no idea, just look and read Lawless' blog and how funny and talented he is. He is definitely my favorite male Hottest avatar from your list and I think the rigging of the votes sucks balls.

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