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Monday, January 05, 2009


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Pierre-Olivier Carles

Hi Wagner,

I think we can add the Credit Agricole Group to this list : first bank in Europe and (I guess) part of the global Fortune 100, they are still working hard in Second Life to prepare the "Bank of the Future"... and to

You could also mentioned Saint-Gobain, world leader of the glazing business (but may be not in Fortune 100) and Suez, one of the main global operator of the Water Management Business.


Bevan Whitfield

Hi Wagner,

Nokia has a very serious presence in SL and is part of the global Fortune 100. It is also listed at #1 in the Forbes Network and Other Communications ranking.

Air France/KLM, now in SL, is in the global Fortune 500 and are listed at #1 in the Airline Industry ranking.

Cheers, Bevan

Doubledown Tandino

What, Ben and Jerrys isn't a Fortune 100 company?

Hamlet Au

Thanks all, keep 'em coming!

Mark Burhop

Siemens is there.


Or check out:


Hamlet Au

Wow, they keep coming. Thanks Mark!

Beyers Sellers

I'd just like to point out that there are a LOT of companies, both in Fortune 100 and those on the edge of that list, who have private presences, either intended entirely for within-firm communications, or that just aren't ready for public announcement.

2009 should be a very interesting year.

Doubledown Tandino

How about Orange? Although USA has no clue who they are, apparently they're #1 cell phone service in europe?

By the way, Orange gets my hands down vote for the BEST BEST BEST BEST ever RL company to maintain a SL presence. Orange, since the day it opened has always been a spectacular treat.

Nedd Zeplin

Ya might want to include Sony in the guise of Sony-BMG Music, nice big sim in SL

Doubledown Tandino

BMI has been in SL.

and US government, I consider them a company.

Doreen Garrigus

I love this. I think it is worth noting that there are _dozens_ of government agencies with SL presences, too, as well as many, many universities. The companies that failed were the ones who built islands that were really nothing but billboards. The ones that succeeded did so by integrating SL with their daily operations and/or by creating events that were interesting on their own merits---with or without advertising. This technology is too useful to ignore, and more and more businesses, government agencies, and universities will see that as time goes on.

My daughter is a college freshman. I told her she was required to learn how to use SL now because I didn't want her to have to slog through the learning curve at the beginning of a class we were paying for or, worse yet, several years from now, while her boss was watching.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

It's the silent wave. The other day I was told that a major radio station (commercial, not public) and four book publishers from my country have been in Second Life for some time; any of those would be a reference immediately known by any Portuguese, but there wasn't a single mention of it in the news (on average, one book is launched per week — and the event is not even on the events list, much less on the news — but they're always *full*). Some record labels, also from Portugal, allegedly have set up a presence in SL — sponsoring artists — and I can't even track them down to see if it's true! In a sense, those small, silent presences are slowly becoming uncountable and ubiquitous, and pop up everywhere and we're not even aware of them, because nobody writes about them...

I think this trend will continue. These "new generation" of virtual presences *avoid* the media splash, because of the 2006/7 "hype era". They just want to be here in SL and do what they have/want to do, and forget about the hype, the drama, and the bad publicity.

I also agree, 2009 will be quite interesting...

Boliver Oddfellow

you forgot GE, which has a 2 sim recruiting center featuring the ecomagination pavilion. They are located on virtual NBC 5 and 6

Looking for Online Tech Support

It will be interesting to see which companies stay and which companies go under in the next ten years.

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