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Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Veeyawn Spoonhammer

"I do find it very alarming that a small minority are the guardians of all that is good and right,"

That bothers me. The code is released under a license so people don't run off and use it for their sole good. I know the GPL crowd can be vocal and short-fused at times but no one wants to see open sourced code be improved upon and then hidden away. The whole thing breaks down if that happens.

Aliasi Stonebender

While I think the rabid behavior of some of the OS fanatics is a bit much, at the same time... the GPL isn't some 'impediment', given the point is to give you more options than strict copyright law allows and to make sure you pass it along.

Don't want to pass it along? Don't use GPLed code. It's no worse than not being able to use completely closed-source code. If you don't like abiding by the license, don't use it.

That said, I'm pretty sure there's nothing preventing someone from making seperate modules under a seperate license, and the scanner and browser addons seem like they'd qualify - I fully support that. Just respect Linden Labs' initial choice of the GPL if you use their code, otherwise do it yourself from scratch or keep it to yourself. I'd regret the last, but the license has no point if it isn't obeyed.

James Foo

Does anybody have benchmarks of this code versus the standard LL viewer?

I'm curious if the posited speed increases are due to it being compiled on PC using SSE instructions. The LL viewer doesn't do that, which means the official viewer runs on some older Athlon microprocessors, but might be costing it some speed.


what bugs me about this viewer is the edit button when you rightclick is moved....

Balp Allen

The Linux build is from my blog.


Soure at Kristens page, http://www.armyof4.com/Kirstenlee/

Balp Allen

A nice little mail with the question to Kristen and you did get the code and even a thank you on her page. I can't see that failing the GPL. The dos2unix on a few non source files. I guess that can't make the need for an other zip file, actually I think unzip could have made it with the right flags.

Hamlet Au

Thanks Balp, I wasn't sure if the Linux version was ready; I'll update accordingly.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Thanks to Kirsten and especially to Balp. I look forward to trying it out.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I've tried it now... very responsive, and I kind of like the orange and gray color scheme. Something's odd about animations, though--when I stand still, I'm frozen in mid-step, and I flew in a standing pose. Weird.


Yeah... also Animations look strange here on the linux version... Hmm? Graphics look good and smooth! Better than orignal viewer!

Balp Allen

The default animation well the movment beforee the AO starts looks strange sometimes.....


Ok you people that have to hate on others great work just because it does not have what you think it should have or complain about it due to some perceived slight in it's use! in stead of constructive comments and praise for some one who took the initiative to build a better platform for us to us in our beloved VR World. kirsten has deleted her account and now the windows version is no more and the hope of future up dates from a very good programmer are gone!!!! I hope some one picks up the source code and continues the great work Started by Kirsten and or maybe shell come back ..

Marc Mar

I am running the viewer s16 in vista windows and it takes a lot of memory, more than XP windows...is it right ?


Can someone please point me the the source, preferably hacked up for a mac. But any will do. It doesn't seem to be in the previously listed ftp any more.

This is a fine viewer. But if the source is not available it is not open source. Sort of obvious, that. I don't know what the 3 years keeping sources is about. If it is in a public repository like SourceForge it isn't going anywhere. And in no time it is on tons of developer machines as well. I have never heard of a requirement that I must personally keep copies for three years. Seems pretty pointless and over lawyered if true.

SL - Loff Auer

I bought the latest model of Mac Mini - 2,53Ghz - 4GRAM & Nvidia 9400 - and so far I tried 3 Mac viewers - Release Candidate (the best so far) - the official one and Snowglobe - both last 2 worked really worse than Release

- I m now downloading the S18 for Mac from Kirsten and will soon let you know - i m only worried about results and facts, nothing else, see you all soon in few mintes

SL - Loff Auer

Hi, I cant install, it keeps trying but reports a missing file etc etc, sorry Kirsten, would love to know how you managed against other viewers, better luck for me next time, but congratulations on helping others anyway, is always very noble, cheers

Rocket D

since i tried it, seems that my avi got stuck online forever and cannot log in when the time that says available to log in comes, it always shifting ahead to be available that never end, while my friends says im still online, while there are no ghostly found anywhere on the grid and the LL already tried to shut the avi off still cameback online even i change the password theres no effect what so ever.

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