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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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It is good to hear that folks still visit the island, which I and others helped to save from its own 'Great Erase' in late 2005.

As for its bugs, there have been problems going as far back as the initial development (I've had pics sent to me regarding the old 'prim drift' server bugs that frustrated 'Cali to no end). These are, of course, related to the various changes made to SL itself over time - and the fact that this is (sort of) free.

I think today it should be seen more as a symbol of how much can be done with SL's older features - which were cutting-edge at the time. But I do agree on the rating - as a game. As an environment to behold, I believe it holds its own with other places that get shown here.

--Timothy Kimball
aka/inSL: Alan Kiesler
co-owner, Numbakulla island

Mavromichali Szondi

I visited the island for the first time just a week or so ago, and while a few things could be updated with sculpted prims etc, I think the build still holds its own pretty well against even the new stuff. The texture work particularly has not really dated.

http://numbakulla.weblog.com/ is a nice wander about the island with pictures.

Ener Hax

Numbakulla is closing March 2011, this is very sad =(

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