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Monday, January 05, 2009


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Iggy O

Well, hooo whee. I got two things right in '08 (Obama's victory being the other one).

I did feel vindicated when Lively launched. But then, when I saw that little dancing mascot-critter (looked like Festus Hagen's lovechild after he met a cute a gopher) I said to myself, as did a lot of potential Lively residents in academia, "well, this sure looks lame. I can just imagine showing THAT to my Dean."

If Blue Mars launches this year, it will prove a more formidable SL-alternative. It has a much larger world than Home, though no UGC is promised so far.

Harper Ganesvoort

Some might argue that community standards changed in more than just what you cite. They would also accredit the Trademark Flap as a major change in the community standards, and for the worse -- specifically, that you must agree to the restrictive new Terms of Service before you can get in world, and that the relatively loose treatment we were allowed in use of Linden's trademarks has vanished.

Tateru Nino

"Linden Lab didn't open source its server architecture" - actually they said in late 2007 that it wouldn't be in 2008, as I recall.

Connie Sec

Re: Blue Mars. Private Beta opens 1st half 09 and public beta being touted for 2nd half 09. My informed opinion being, that launch won't happen till 1st Qtr 2010 when 9000 series cards, or equivalent, are more ubiquitous, as they are needed to run Cryengine 2. (notwithstanding minimum spec is an 8800)

Dedric Mauriac

My new predictions.

1. Web page on a prim (For Real!)

2. In-world Sculpty Editor

3. Megaprims permitted (by Lindens 100%) and allowed to be created through normal editor.

4. New price model introduced for 3rd party OpenSim's wanting to connect to the main grid

5. Increase in mainland Tier price by 50% announced 2 weeks before price takes effect.

6. Mainland sims with monthly stories (not just themes) behind them spinning off mysteries, characters, products, and a separate blog: Mainland Stories

7. Statistics reporting introduced for private sims.

8. Transaction logs and other data available through web-services/SOAP/capabilities to allow automation of downloading through 3rd party applications.

9. me.secondlife.com - social media aspect of second life made available through website such as profiles, email, voice mail, comments, pictures, videos, etc. offering facebook and myspace applications.

10. Live previews of areas and events in second life without installing the client - web accessible.

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