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Friday, January 02, 2009


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Crap Mariner

Now that I'm expanding the Tunes inSL Project to include music sales through any service, they can always contact me to get listed there.


HatHead Rickenbacker

Everyone needs a bail-out these days. Where I do get in line?

David Foox

Sad to see them go. They really are very talented and fun. Shame to see the economy smash em up.



Komuso Tokugawa

"Everyone needs a bail-out these days. Where I do get in line?"

Behind me Hathead, ya dang loonie;-)


Contribution is behavior of the same meaning as fund-raising. Following,” by your are painful because, you favor and”, you have misunderstood what. As for management and management being difficult, on the other hand it probably doesn't mean that” your own effort is not enough”? You endeavored, but such a cute ones, the people other than by their, do not care the fact that personally contribution is called, but you probably are the people who participate in the group of Chouchou?

You sell by your, depending upon the group poll of your own self always” in order for there to be popularity, you have camouflaged,” that antipathy it leans from the portion whether the resident of.”Is not fair method, that”.

This Blog, without being the declaration with the original our performing which by your are declared to Hamlet Au set up?

When everyone is painful, it requests help. But because when that is public ones, everyone has recognized the fact that the hand is extended to that, is.

As for the people of the circumstances which are similar to your musicians the multitude it is.

It asks 1, but if I line up into some line, will that probably be correct?

Sanny (Risu) Yoshikawa

As you requested I have posted a japanese translation. :)


セカンドライフ内だけに存在するjuliet Heberle と arabesque Chochewhichによる音楽ユニットChouchouが、




Thank you very much, Sanny!

Pepys Ponnier

It will be a sad day if there is no more music from Chouchou. I have sent them a donation and I hope it will help.

Best wishes and good luck for Chouchou!

Rado Arado

日本語でのコメントということで、真っ先に私がしましょう。まずはこの記事の内容ですが、真実の所、Chouchou SIMでの活動は、”売名行為だ”として一部の人々から大変敬遠されていたのは事実です。例えそのような行為は無かったとしても、疑われるような行為が一部にあったことは私も聞いています。


なぜなら、もっと多くの無償コンテンツを自腹を切って提供しているSIMがあるからです。私はインワールドで様々な場所を取材し、そこでの体験を元にSecond Life Publish Companyと言うグループをつくり、取材をしてきました。







Nicky Ree

Wow, I just found out about them by reading this blog and I have been clicking past links and checking out their music.... I love it! I am getting so inspired by their music... I do hope they manage to raise the funds they need.


>Rado Aradoさん

>”Chouchou SIMでの活動は、”売名行為だ”として一部の人々から大変敬遠されていたのは事実です。例えそのような行為は無>かったとしても、疑われるような行為が一部にあったことは私も聞いています。要するに、自分たちの関係の深い連中を、あたかも全>くこのSIMとは無関係なアバターとして、多くの人気投票をしてこのSIMを人気があるように仕掛けていた事実。”





juliet Heberle

Thank you so very much, Hamlet, for bringing our cause to your readers' attention. I do think it important to clarify that we created that blog post and the ability to donate via PayPal just as any musician would set out a tip jar in world. We're not sure what caused your consternation and concern, but we are happy to see that you care :)

We have been busy with Real Life endeavors and look forward to the time when we can offer more live concerts and recordings to the best fans in the world: the Chouchou fans!

Moreover, while it is always good to increase our income, I wouldn't qualify our situation as desperate or needing saving. We created the PayPal opportunity in response to numerous requests for a web 2.0 tip jar.













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