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Monday, January 12, 2009


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Ciaran Laval

I think events like these are an area where Second Life largely delivers, it's a shame about the agent limits. I was at the Terry Pratchett discussion in the Autumn and it was a wonderful experience.

A couple of things obviously spring to mind however, names, which these guests should be able to use their real (or pen) names and how to offer them marketing advantages for their products. I've always thought that selling books or music within Second Life from an Amazon style shop front should be viable here.

Elsbeth Writer

You should talk to Crap Mariner. He has built an area where you can link to ITunes and Amazon music from inworld to buy CD's of SL musicians.

Jonas Oestman

Uncertain of timezone, use the Google Calender of Extropian Events, that will help you get there on time.


I searched for Kim Stanley Robinson in the Public Calendars. But you can click the "+ google calendar" button in the above link if you want.

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