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Friday, January 16, 2009


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Yakumo Fujin

Nyo... Just that Asimovs three laws apply to bots/robots artificial intelligence, not to programs. You could as well say a screwdriver violates the three laws...

Yakumo Fujin

Argh, I forgot to put an "with" between "robots" and "artificial intelligence"...

Alan Cyr

I think you'll find Ciaran is a he, not a she...

Maggie Darwin

Want to see a bot protecting it's own existence? Read Fword Utorid's comments on Prokofy Neva's "Traffic Fraud" PJIRA incident:


Hamlet Au

You appear to be right, Alan-- apologies to MR. Laval, it's fixed.

Ciaran Laval

It's ok Hamlet I'm used to it by now, it has happened many times :)

Maggie, Fword is a bot creator, a controversial one as that as I recall, I once went to a meeting where he was proposing an anti land bot, bot. The project didn't ever quite see the light of day.

Ann Otoole

How's those logins and database failures today?

Second Life is worsening daily under the new leadership. I'm sure they get paid even though their product doesn't work though. So exactly why should they care since there is no financial carrot on a stick incentive to have a solid product? Maybe if the board halted all payroll till Second Life was solid again we might see a sudden surge of concern and elimination without any warning of all accounts that are running bot farms regardless of who they are.

Ann Otoole

This just in:
Bob the Cat on Linden Lab
(An interview with Bob the cat on the recent grid performance)

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