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Saturday, January 31, 2009


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Ciaran Laval

The Xstreet spam needs to stop, not only is it unfair competition for inworld business, it's also not something that users expect.

Hamlet Au

Yeah, I noticed that, kinda weird. Even for Spam it didn't seem to be targeted very well-- why not include listings of various popular items on sale?

Iggy O

The SL Education Support Faire showed me that some really good work is being done and LL is serious about courting educators.

I only caught the tail-end of Corro Moseley's presentation on Robotars, but the bot I Corro demo would be a wonderful addition to education builds and a good use of bot technology.

Stop by Daden Limited's island, at:


Todd Borst

Hi Hamlet, I would like to let people know about the SL Business blog I've been working on http://xdfusion.com

Given the nature of this post, I thought it was an appropriate forum to bring it up. If it is not, please delete this comment and you have my apologies.

Arwyn Quandry

What's on my mind is the same thing that's always on my mind: The potential of a merge between the Teen Grid and the Main Grid. After Phillip spoke on the topic at Metanomics and riled up quite a few people, I'd like to get more news on it.

Also, the Xstreet merger has me interested and a bit annoyed. I received an email about the news yesterday, despite the fact that as a teen, I can't use it. I'm wondering if they're going to make it possible for teens to use this marketplace in the future.

Hamlet Au

I've heard from an internal Linden source that a more detailed announcement about what happens to TSL is imminent, Arwyn.


We are also concerned with the future of the Teen Grid, as are many other educators, parents and teens in that space. Barry Joseph, director of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, muses about the impact of the integration of the Teen and Adult Grids.

Daniel Voyager has posted to RezEd.org his thoughts on the issue, and is asking others for their views. Check it out here


I'm concerned by the constant difficulties in teleporting, even at 3am SLT (when I am usually on and) when concurrency is low we are still plagued with failing teleports and being logged out in the middle of teleports.

Twice last night I found it quicker to log out and then log back in to my destination via a SLURL than to sit there constantly retrying to teleport (and no, I wasn't wearing many prims).

The fact that you cannot teleport at all in some prim-heavy outfits is another issue.

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