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Monday, January 26, 2009


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Woah, since when do you actually embed video?

Nebulosus Severine

Yeah, that bling halo popped right out at me, it was amazing!

Nexii Malthus

Yeah, that is the first time you have ever embedded video hamlet!

Dusan Writer

Seems like a good start for having a quick and easy way to have a shared 3D space to be able to discuss prototypes and designs if they extend it to allow OBJ files to be viewed by multiple avatars.

This would be really useful for product prototyping design reviews. I started to read through the documentation, but don't have time or enough geekiness to follow - but this seems like a pretty good start to being able to pop 3D models from other apps into SL - say, a product design in AutoCAD or something. Allows for a shared space for discussion and review using 3D model software from elsewhere.

If this can import OBJ files and can somehow synch multiple viewers, could be a real winner.

Otherwise, it's also just really nifty and it got you to post video. :)

Gaby Benkwitz aka Windfairy Welles

This could be a great way to shoot low-cost but high-impact commercials of 3D-products or services. You don't even need Second Life to do this - when my printer broke during an AR demo I simply aimed my webcam at the open PDF of the ARtoolkit symbol and it got the idea across anyway. The demo was actually about how to offer AR on any website using Flash and a webcam with the FLARtoolkit: http://interactive.digitalpictures.com.au/?p=392

Opensource Obscure

I did something similar to this a couple of months ago by using a web-based tool.

Photo and instructions (it's easy to do):
Augmented Second Life using Papervision and the Flash-based tool made by Boffswana

Gaby Benkwitz

@opensource That's the same demo I was referring to (Boffswana FLARtoolkit)! It's a great example of how easy it is nowadays to implement Mixed Reality with no expansive Hardware whatsoever.

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