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Thursday, February 05, 2009


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Paisley Beebe

Ok I wanna Sing with These little blokes!!!!

Dr. Darien Mason

Excuse me while I pick my jaw back up.

Do they have one for bagpipes?

Komuso Tokugawa

Needs more cowbell;-)

FlipperPA Peregrine

Wow, that's very cool! I've always thought sound was the forgotten element in SL design. A few years back, I designed some theme music attachments that play different music loops depending on whether you're walking, running, jumping, crouching, flying, etc. They're a lot of fun, but annoying if you wear them too much. :)

Judi Newall


Not a professional one like Chantals' but you get to see the idea, the sound starts partway thru

Lorin Tone

James, thanks for putting this out there! Bands are forming as we speak, and certain mayhem will hopefully not rule SL as a result.

I owe ya copious beers at the next O'Reilly conference we both attend, and look forward to it.

Also, for people who are interested, there is a group which has been established, run by Neleximo Contemponi, called the "Junkbots Band".

I hope you all enjoy these toys to the fullest, and there's more to come. Thanks to Robbie Dingo for inspiration, Madcow Cosmos for Madness, Jellybean Wopat for brilliant scripting, Chantal Harvey and Judi Newall for vids, and thanks to my Mom, who also loves these avi's and to my Dad, who just keeps asking "why"?

Because we can.

And it's big fun.

Madcow would thank you too, but he doesn't want to damage his sandbox hermit reputation, and we should respect that, really.


Hamlet Au

Lorin, I owe *you* a beer for bringing teh awesome!

Lorin Tone

It's all about the fun factor.

I'm delighted that we've managed to get to it.

I'm buyin'! Well, Tim will probaly pay, ultimately. Catch ya in NY next week, I hope.

If not, next show.

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