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Monday, February 02, 2009


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Iggy O

Are these folks from CNN? I appreciate their continued SL coverage but...

Istra Ivory must be 9' tall and poor Pluton looks like the Hasidic version of Woody Allen from "Annie Hall."

Clearly, it's it's SL fashion-crime. Where's Iris when you need her?

Expect a blog entry, by my crew of hillbilly-journalists, live from CNN soon (vintage cars are just the thing to run Shine in).

Crap Mariner

I keep meaning to make more pieces for iReport.

Oh well. Didn't need to sleep.


Isadora Fiddlesticks

Hooray! I hope the reports they gather can contribute in some way to help get word out about the things we do in SL that doesn't JUST involve sex. It's their chance to do what Reuters didn't and fail to do: engage the residents.

Doubledown Tandino

New World Notes has easily emerged as one of the top Second Life news, info, and update sources.

I've never heard of a RL news agency (CNN) write another successful news agency (NWN) and beg for a story written on em.

Valiant Westland

This is great news for Second Life. I think the suggestions for "...streaming CNN news video in-world, and connecting Instant Messages sent from the island to the question queue of live CNN programming." are dead on Win/Win ideas!

Now, if only the SLURL worked...

Valiant Westland

Here a working SLURL to CNN iReport Island: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CNN%20iReport%20Island/98/96/24 Nicole iReport has just showed up and informed me that things are go to be getting started in about one hour (1000 SLT).

Balthasar Bookmite

The streaming video sounds like a cool feature. I could see me popping by to catch the news more often.


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