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Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Marianne McCann

(Above photo by me: permission granted for use my New World Notes)

Madame Maracas

Why bother to vote on this vs. other JIRA items?

For one, it is something that more folks seem to agree upon. Hippos! was a positive, whimsical element of SL that older folks see as part of their SL heritage.

What else might drive folks to vote? When looking at voting for say an animation fix vs. a coding fix vs. a lag fix, not everyone is interested in the same thing. Not everyone cares or understands the impact that these items or their resolution might have upon their daily SL experience.

Hippos! however, is easy. Either we have the easter egg or we don't. Having them again won't (presumeably) break anything. It won't undo Mono or Havok upgrades, one would expect.

Having Hippos! again will, however, put some fun back into all of our SL. And after all, we're all here to some extent or another for some fun, amusement and diversion.

Besides, who doesn't find a hippo kinda cute with those little bitty ears on the outsized form?

Otenth Paderborn

As you've noted, the Lindens themselves have told us that the JIRA is meaningless. So, if it's a joke, why not go all the way?

I think Madame Maracas is right in suggesting that this appeals to oldbies or to middlebies who value the quirky parts of Second Life. I also think you're right that the fact a Linden is reported to have said he'll restore it if there are 1,000 votes makes a difference.

I only go to the JIRA when a blogger brings an issue to my attention. I do vote, and sometimes I follow an issue, but I largely treat it as irrelevant window dressing.

Crap Mariner

I haven't voted for it. In fact, how do I vote against it?


Sue Baskerville

1. Go to http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-11118

2. Click "Log In" at the upper right, and enter your SL avatars name and password.

3. When the page refreshes and take you back to VWR-1118, click "Vote" in the "operations" sidebar to the left

-- from Mari's post in the SL forums.

Hamlet Au

Thanks, Marianne, it's hard to figure out the image credit on the JIRA.

Peter Stindberg

This is folklore. SL history. It is an easy to grasp feature, it does not seem to hurt anybody. It does not seem to have side effects. and it is part of the SL folklore. A tie in into the past, when the grid was young. Having a feature like this gives a sense of security. An anchor in a constantly changing virtual world.

It's the easy things with an emotional touch you can rally voters for. A JIRA feature that is too complex to understand for 90% of potential voters will never be as attractive. People will be reluctant to vote if they don't understand the issue or its implications.

The Hippo voting is how populism works. An emotional issue, easy to understand. We want our hippos back. Five words without room for interpretation.


Me? I voted because I couldn't resist the challenge.

Uccello Poultry

Have you ever laughed during a grim moment? Do you remember when the American television show Saturday Night Live reminded us that it was okay to laugh after 9/11? That is how I see the Hippo Vote: humor breaking the tension. Seemingly endless grid issues, tension over the XStreet/OnRez acquisitions, the RL/SL economic downturn, and more have residents on edge. This vote is a somewhat whimsical protest by pitchfork-wielding townies marching on Dr. Frankentein's castle. It shows we are fed up and we need a break but shows we can still be light at heart. The residents want the Grid to be fun again and we need the Lab to show us that they do, too.


1006 now !

Arcadia Codesmith

If the Hippo campaign raises awareness of and participation in the JIRA system, I'd rate that as a plus.

And if you're over there voting for the Hippo, see what's open in relation to the alpha transparency bug, please? This has been an unpaid political announcement by Citizens for Augmented Transparency. Thank you.

Nexii Malthus

We should try to reach 2000 votes for emphasis, just in case. MORE VOTES!

Just to show to the lindens...

..not how much we want the hippo back..

But how much we want them to LISTEN TO US!

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