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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Harper Ganesvoort

An incredible piece of art, showing what Second Life is capable of; and Rysan's story bears knowing, too. Thanks, Ham!

Paisley Beebe

I learned to sing listening to Billy over and over until I knew every nuance of her voice every phrase and over the years I have sung most of her songs, but that one I would never touch and never have sung, out of respect to her, and the meaning of the song. As a white woman living in Australia, it was something I felt very sad and moved by but its not a song I could ever make my own, it was hers and the Black American peoples song. Bravo Rysan Fall! a wonderfull moving film!


Yes, I can imagine filming yourself being lynched would be quite unsettling indeed.

Almost as unsettling as the fact that you can buy a lynching tree from XStreetSL...

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