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Friday, February 27, 2009


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Tateru Nino

I originally traded in-world as Electric Sheep. There wasn't any other such name that I could find. Of course, I ended up having to change it when ESC formed. Bother.

Thor Eldrich

So I had it all worked out well after all, eh? My business name is Freak Flags. Let your freak flag fly, baby! The product is in the name, and yes, the other part makes it extremely metaversal. :)

Liberty Tesla

I've always liked 'Digital Knickers' and 'PixelDolls'. And it's not particularly SL-ish, but I love Fallingwater Cellardoor's 'Shiny Things'. (I think she's been selling jewelry since before you actually could make prims shiny.)

Brad Reason

I've always liked the content development company "Metaversatility"

Chenin Anabuki

It is not easy to come up with a good company name. So many things to consider. Kudos to those who manage to create a brand awareness from their clever namings. My favorites are...
- Disembodied Hands (which sells steampunkish creations). Their logo is great too.
- Creamshop (Japanese pop clothes and accessories). Kawaii- cute to the max.
- Tonktastic - uber-edgy, mind-blowingly high quality shoes, clothes, buildings, etc... Tonk Tomcat is such a nice guy too.

Maggie Darwin

Far and away, "Wierd Shit" was perfect...described *exactly* the business they are in.

But, preseumably in order to get into the fabled Showcase, just before last Christmas they became the neutered and pseudo-clever Weirdiculous.

Ah well...

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