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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Crap Mariner

(not looking forward to a herd of Dr. Manhattans walking around)


"In a world where time is money, I couldn't possibly put this much effort into something and not have it pay for itself."

Yet "fans" somehow *fanatically* do exactly that, thus suggesting a disconnect.

Seems we're retracing familiar ground. I'm now waiting for a "Watchmen in SL" troupe.

Morris Vig

Oooh - Dr. Manhattan...the elusive "mega-avatar" could be within reach! Don't you all want to be 50m tall and evaporate prims with the click of a HUD?

Fuzzball Ortega

Be really cool if the inkblots on Rorschach's mask changes, as in the graphic novel and film. Still, pretty cool, regardless

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