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Monday, March 02, 2009


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FlipperPA Peregrine

Just a quick correction, it was a single convention until 2008 - one city, one location. Here's hoping the three groups can enjoy a year apart, and then figure out a way to make it work - at least in the same city, if not the same hotel - in 2010.

Be sure to thank anyone organizing any of these three if you enjoy yourself at one - it is one of the most thankless jobs ever!

Iggy O

Oh, how can I resist poking this hornet's nest? I missed the debate on the SLED list but went back today to skim the brou-ha-ha.

As for your post, Hamlet:

1) Spot-on about the scholarly debate.

2) Most scholars could use more debauchery.

3) You can be quite debauched in SF without leaving for Vegas. Be sure to visit the Vesuvio, next to City Lights Books, for Absinthe (though I preferred multiple Sambucas), card-trick artists, fire-breathers, and every Beat wanna-be in the city, including occasional tourists like me. See http://www.vesuvio.com/

4) If y'all start getting too picky about hotel venues, you'll end up like the poor MLA and CCCC conventions in Lit. and Comp/Rhetoric. There's hardly a city or state left in the US that meets the ideological litmus tests!

5) I cannot afford to go to any of the three conferences IRL. I'll send my avatar...and get drunk at home.


"Many Residents"

How many?

Less than 10 who were vocal on the thread.

Once again, you fail as a fact-checker.

Troy McLuhan

Actually, there will be 47 "SLCC-derivative" conferences (at last count). Several will be held in... wait for it... Second Life!

Dizzy Banjo

There is also this SL based conference in Amsterdam too ! :


Ciaran Laval

Marriott have an excellent record on equal rights and diversity. If we get down to protesting about how an individual legally spends their money we're opening a right can of worms.

Jade Lily has stepped down as community manager for SLCC2009: http://blog.herdpress.com/?p=125

This is disappointing as Jade at least seemed to be taking a thoughtful approach to the whole business.

SLEDcc really need to think again about what they're doing, they should be there. If anyone should be leading by example it's the educators, extremely disappointed with their move.

Taco Rubio

Additional fact left out:

Some of the people upset with the city choice felt that given the economic climate, more 'bang for the buck' was an important consideration.

The Future United, which hosts SLCC, put up a poll asking "where would you like this?". The location decision did not reflect the poll results, and when questioned, TFU gave a cryptic "we have a lot of criteria" without further explanation.

I think a lot of the wtf-factor comes from "why ask us to vote if the votes don't matter?"

TFU has been unavailable for comment on this subject.

Ann Otoole

When is the convention going to be held in Second Life as it should be?

The irony of political splits over a convention for a product being pushed as an alternative to real world conventions is rather interesting.

As for the problem of the convention organizer running on an agenda that seems to ignore the people they serve well anyone can and now obviously will offer alternatives. The last one cost too much anyway. They need competition to bring them back to reality.

Gigs Taggart

The convention(s) isn't for the product Ann, it's for the community.

Gigs Taggart

anon, there are 54 members in our facebook group for Second Tea Party, and 35 members of the Ning. There were far more than 10 unhappy people.

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