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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Ann Otoole

Nice to see at least one firm has an official presence in Second Life. I wish the rest would enter Second Life to drive out the IP thieves.

As for the rest of us making costumes we just have to make whatever weirdness comes out of our brains to be original. But since we don't have trademarks or video games or movies to back them up with we will forever be the under dogs unless we form teams to produce better, more of it, and for less. It is widely said that Bare Rose mastered this concept long ago and I adore them for it.

Candy Cerveau

FYI to your readers, one of my good friends Risusipo Jun showed me the Atlus sim just a couple of days ago, sadly it came up because the sim is scheduled to close in three days. So if anyone wants these fantastic avatars, you only have a short amount of time to get them :(


I didn't know the background to the Atlus sim but I love their giant crane vending machine game (it's on their sim). That thing is sooo addictive.

Sanny Yoshikawa

The last event of Atlus Vegas is on until tomorrow (24:00 on 29 March JPN time).
If you find 17 parts hidden in the SIM, you will receive a rare Kerberos avatar from Megami Tensei. Also many other popular avatars are hidden.
This is the last chance to get Atlus's official avatars.... :(

Chihaya Nakajima

The Atlus store still exists, but it's here now: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quartz/192/64/28

But who knows for how long?

Reiko Fimicoloud

I love this post, and i would love to try and feature some of your information in my website dedicated to all walks of visual asia. I've been looking for good research points to start my way into my blogging about visual asia in second life.

I would invite you to see my humble blog and community ^_^


I am sad that I totally missed this post (I took a break from SL after Armoire) and I'd have loved to browse around that sim and get those avatars. :(

Thanks, Iris for wearing my piece in one of your costumes! So glad it worked for you.

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