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Monday, March 23, 2009


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Ann Otoole

Ah the future of Nerfed Life!

(future fictitious conversation regarding the hot new social networ...)

What? You don't have an i phone? Well that is too bad since Nerfed Life requires iphone ever since all that nasty 3D scripted stuff was removed. But we can haz voice chatting on the phone and that makes Nerfed Life the platform of the future!

Skate Foss

Just downloaded and installed it at work, lol It works!-the IMs began pouring in fast and furious! "Skate, where are you? Are you inWorld?, I don't see you!" Using this at work, well I don't know....but it really keeps you connected! Another reason to love my iPhone and stay close to all my friends in Second Life.

Jean Swashbuckler

Fascinating. It does work..and even with limited features it is worth the $4.99 to keep up when AFK. As soon as I logged in my friends lists popped up displaying who was on line. Was able to easily IM several friends and they returned the favor. This app has the potential for being a real time saver when away from my laptop.

Tinsel Silvera

I've been using Touch Life by Pocket Metaverse for the past few days. It's in beta but so far so good. Katharine's works well too. Haven't tried Sparkle yet. Need to add that app to my iphone.


I have Sparkle and loved it until I got my hands on Touch Life by Pocket Metaverse. Touch Life is a bit buggy but half the price and you can do twice as much, including rudimentary viewing and movement via maps.

Touch Life is out of beta and live on iTunes, but it's hard to find because it seems they didn't use "Second Life" in their search metadata. You actually have to search on Touch Life or Pocket Metaverse.

Well worth the $2.99 especially if they can get some of the bugs worked out.

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