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Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Dreck Drechsler

I saw this on the Second Life Showcase last week and checked it out. FANTASTIC! I played through the end and found it to be one of the most fun experiences that I'd had within SL for quite awhile. Highly recommended.


great review game look fun

Valentina Kendal

the caption of your last photo had me falling off my chair! That's my new motto for life!

Fab Outlander


On behalf of the Orange Island staff, thank you for this wonderful review.

We are very proud to support MadPea in their Second Life initiatives.

We would also like to point out that the game is in fact "non-linear" meaning each and every player will have a random order of stages and that some puzzles are also randomised.

Kaaos effects includes a lot of non visible features such as an updater enabling the inclusion of new stages on the fly, a solid tracking of gamer's experience, a dedicated channel for players to communicate among others...

Empowerment of Madpea crew and joint effort with Orange Team aim to deliver in each new game release a better experience for residents.

Thanks again,

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