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Monday, March 09, 2009


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Ann Otoole

If only I had the money and the freedom to go to Amsterdam. Sadly reality sucks. Maybe in a few years. That is if any of this metaverse stuff survives the current economy/government situation and the tendency of this technology to implode because people writing the code don't have to live it or even depend on it. There is no Kaizen in sight anywhere near the metaverse.


Amsterdam a better place?? Ofcourse we scream!! But that is because of being the home town. But the attention is to have indeed a european version and this time in Amsterdam but where next year? And would it not be great if we have this movement through the year. One SLCC in Amerika, MetaMeets in Europe, ... Asia and even one in our community talked about South Africa...
Virtual worlds Community conventions spread around the world through the year. With nice places to see..

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