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Sunday, March 08, 2009


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am i a total wuss for coming close to tearing up when reading articles like this? The NYTimes article that is, not your blog james ;-)

the ability for people to express themselves in new ways and create deep meaningful connections between each other. I've rarely used second life in the years since i worked there but the humanity of what can occur inside is just amazing.


I had a http://kanomi.blogspot.com/2009/03/bright-swatch-of-color-in-old-gray-lady.html>similar reaction to the article the other day, so good to see I am not the only who was pleasantly surprised to see some real writing about SL out in the IRL for a change.

Corbett's approach should be the exemplar to other prospective "embedded" journos.

Hamlet Au

Thanks Kanomi, will update.

Koinup Burt

I read the piece on the NYT Magazine and its surely a great story. I loved the genuine approach and deep look in the emerging Second Life art scene. I loved that the author wrote the right names in the right way. And this is a prove of an enthusiast Second Life survey.
Regarding your notes, Hamlet I totally agree when you say "The Second Life user community is the main story, not Linden Lab".

Managing a virtual world community and a social web 2.0 platform (koinup), I learnt that the most important thing, when you work on that area, is not having someone talk about you, but
listen to other talking and writing about what your members do. I think that your comparison with Photoshop hit it on the nail.

Isn't SL a sort of immersive-first person-interactive 3d tool for creation? Probably this metaphor and approach isn't so used, because media prefer to talk about sex, people which lose their first life (for the second), scandals. And probably at least for a period, LL encouraged such approach in order to get a mass viral coverage....

I think that also the new major metaphor brought by LL that is "SL as a sort virtual-conference tool", along with the evident benefits doesn't really do justice to real power of SL and it is a sort of "consolation prize"

CyFishy Traveler

I read the article (in the paper version, no less) and was delighted to see a description of the Second Life that I actually inhabit for a change.

(It was also rather novel to see an article about Second Life that didn't quote Prok as a source . . . )

Isadora Fiddlesticks

spot on, hamlet...:) and the article is such a fine one at that...:)

Mo Hax

Great job distilling what anyone wanting to cover Second Life must first understand in terms of a very successful publication, both yours and the New York Times. The greatest value of Second Life is connecting with--and interactively experiencing the works of--perhaps the biggest community of creative minds available in our history. It Michelangelo, Da Vinci or even Jane Austin were alive today, you can bet they would be in SL.

Nebulosus Severine

It's great to see something positive written about Second Life in a major publication. However, I hope to see the NY Times write an article about artists who use SL as a medium, and not simply a vehicle for promotion.

Filthy Fluno

I'm so glad there's so much great feedback about this article. Nebulosus... SL is much more than a vehicle for promotion for me and the other artists mentioned in NY Times.

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