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Monday, March 23, 2009


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Paisley Raven

I've recently started living a Second Life (only in the wee hours, mind you) and the potential for RL application continues to astound me. I am thrilled to see I'm not alone in trying to break this most versatile on SIMs out of the box such "games" are shoved into.
My baby (he's 20) brother is in Iraq. If I could talk with him in SL, to be sure he was OK, I wouldn't spend so many days unable to watch the news reports from over there.

PaisleyRaven Foxclaw (SL AV)


Good to hear that something is making headway in the healing process for our troops, when its needed.

Remember that its not just PTSD which SL helps with; The Support for Healing group has been involved for some time on helping others, including scheduled therapy sessions. It's turned out to be a natural and more comfortable extension of their website and forum.

[Yes, I donate there from time to time, but do not have any direct interests there, other than knowing firsthand how hard it is to cope with a shattered/battered mind.]

Tim Kimball
inSL as Alan Kiesler


PTSD is very real and very serious. I can see how it would affect veterans especially. I found a book that I think can really help those who suffer from it. It's called No Open Wounds-Heal Traumatic Stress Now. This book presents beautifully and illustratively over 20 years of the author’s experience to assist you in closing your “open wounds”.

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