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Thursday, March 05, 2009


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Great tips! Especially the ones about how to curb impulse buys - that'll save me a lot of lindens!

Nexus Burbclave

I agree with almost all of your points, with the exception of focusing on copyable items. I actually tend to think that particularly in a down economy, there is value in focusing on collectibles (transferable items). I think this is something that is clearly demonstrated in RL. In many down economies (though I haven't seen much data on this one yet) one of the things that tend to do well is art and other collectibles. The reason is that it is something that you can hold and enjoy that won't necessarily depreciate in value, and in many cases will in fact increase.

I tend to think that SL sorely needs more collectibles so that land is not our only in-world store of value, but that means that people need to get over their addiction to copyable items, and learn to use the search function in their inventory. I do sell some items as copyable where I think it makes sense, but my strong preference is to make my items transferable in the hopes that my customer gets some value from it, even if it turns out to not be exactly what they needed.


I think the most important tip is to buy items that are well made that you will want to wear again and again. And very improtantly price (in SL) is no indication of quality at all - I've seen (and bought) expensive items that had horribly mismatched seams or other glaring flaws, and also bought extremely inexpensive items that were amazingly well put together.

As well as looking at what other people (or store bots) are wearing, freebies (especially Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania boards) are a great way to sample how well a designer's products are made without breaking the budget.

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