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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Mako Kungfu

No steampunk??

Arwyn Quandry

No Goreans? That's somewhat surprising.

Marianne McCann


Hamlet Au

Yes all, but what are the numbers of those various RP communities?

Pappy Enoch

Ain't no hillbillies, neither.

Oh, wait. We ain't playin' it am real.

Doubledown Tandino

What i'm suprised about is that there's no roleplay convention in second life. sort of like a comiccon. Each roleplay group is so invested in their own roleplay world, but I would looove to see a bunch of different roleplayers in a room

Bailey Longcloth

Midian City has well over 3,000 members.

Scree Raymaker

I'd hardly call Bloodlines an RPG. Most of them don't even bother trying to roleplay, instead just sending you an blue pop up box with an invitation to be bitten.

cube inada

"What i'm suprised about is that there's no roleplay convention in second life. sort of like a comiccon. Each roleplay group is so invested in their own roleplay world, but I would looove to see a bunch of different roleplayers in a room"

the C3 SKYBAR LOUNGE, the ALIEN FLYING CIRCUS, and the SKY CINEMA were all created as original genre ip locations welcoming all to gather after RPGing...

all tp via cube3 sim. pg-13 activities only...lol geesh.

Hiri Nurmi

Oh this is way off in terms of actual roleplayers. All of these are popularity by a small set of sims - three or four at the most.

The current estimate is that there's around 300 gorean sims of one form or another (and growing), many in small continents (such Saleria), actual numbers of players is a bit more tricky but the last estimate I saw was somewhere in excess of 70,000.

The estimate is missing this because there is no single Gorean groups, in fact there's dozen of different ones for different sub groups - Gorean Merchants for example is very active.

Best place to get a handle on this a TP to 'The Gor Hub' sim - if you can get in - traffic on a bad day never seems to drop below 35K.

Nacklepest Blackbart, Sylvan Gnome General

Watch out for Sylvhara! They are up and coming! I invite you all to visit and check us out! =)


Avilion Grove - Medieval fantasy - 2669 members Ranked at number 5, but those members don't always play and most of them are alts. I know. I used to be Admin there. I was an Ancient of the Mist, but I moved to Sylvhara because it's more member friendly.


Run a search for Karamoon ,it is a medieval fantasy roleplay group of sims.
The players group has over 1500 members,it is part of a colective of sims known as Ambrea and contains 15 sims in total well worth the look

Curtis Burner

Chamber City is a roleplay sim. There are several factions in the sim starting with The Phantoms a mixed race group made up of demons and vampires, its lead by the delicatable Morticia a vampire herself. Then we have the Pack of Morder a pack of werewolfs who at present are allied with the Black Veil another group of vampires lead by the lovely Eingana.

Some of the other Factions are: Realm of the Arcane, confederates of chaos, The Corporation, A.R.M.O.R., Faceless Assassains, and two others coming for the dragons and mermaids.

In terms of races we also have nekos, supernaturals, dragons, mermaids, angels, cybers, vampires, werewolfs, and demons.

Full information is availble in the Welcome area on all the factions and races within the sim, there you will also find a map of the city and a count down to the next full moon for all you werewolfs out there.

The sim is a DCS combat sim and theres plenty to explore. So where is this sim? Well below you'll find a SURL which you can use to TP to the sim, if you want to have a look round:


Not sure about jumping straight into the action? Well no problems theres an observer tag you can pick up for free from the Welcome area, which you can wear so people will know your just looking and you'll be left as a fly on the wall.

If you have any questions when you get in the sim I'm sure there'll be someone around whom you can IM and have a chat to.


Crossroads Roleplay is an 1870's sim that is concentrated fully on RP. It is a beautifully laid out sim that is inhabited by truly dark creatures.

It's motto is "take a walk on the dark side." It truly is dark.

Ildac Lowell

Don't even bother with NoR. Sicarius and Mystyka couldn't run a RP sim if their lives depended on it.


No kidding about NoR. Once upon a time they had it great. The Dominion Clan led by an unbreakable angel Ravenal Ashby who is all about rp and the Malkavians vampires who put the dark in dark rp made that sim FANTASTIC but what did Sic do? Ran them out. Yeah when you get ingredients of proper rp run them off. Brilliant!

They all ended up on their feet nicely in CCS.

Malkavalian Princess Fae

Crossroads is awesome! You can literally do or be anything you like. Some places take their roleplay too seriously and don't allow the freedom that Crossroads allows to explore so many things. I have been a mermaid princess with vampires that fear me, as well as a little fae with a darker side . You can walk into the bar and mix it up with gargoyles, foxes, crazy vampires (watch out for the preggers vamps - they are cranky) and do just about anything as long as your CCS meter stats are high enough!

Nicky Tearfall

-NC ME IN SL [Nicky Tearfall]


please can someone give me some information, i am looking for a good roleplay or dcs sim to build up or to place a group on...but as of late i dont find any sims with active roleplayers, rather people gesturebating around etc...


Justa Girl

I agree about Bloodlines..they're more of a group than a RP.I'm currently a member and they get together for club stuff like 3 or 4 times a week, which is nice and all,but the whole Vampire thing is pretty much non-existent.The members are all good friends and good people,but there's things needed to change to be a legit RP.Now..we're just a group.


Crossroads is a joke. They mix personal vendettas and "roleplay." CCS GMs there use their ability to access player records in the CCS database to screw players they don't like. Yeah...play there. So not worth the effort.


Oh yeah...and Crossroads is supposed to be dark...there's nothing dark there except the CCS GMs. Everything else is who's pregnant who logically cannot be. /me snorts and spits on their shiny sidewalk.


@GR Oh yeah, epecially that one..she's a real good one for that. Apparently in her world unseelie includes making things personal and screwing players that actually add something. I personally think she's just jealous because those she targets make her look mediocre at best. Beware!


GR and KH. The only joke here is you. you're ovbiously butt hurt because you had a spanking for breaking rules. something happen that you dont like and you post shit all over the internet when in reality its cos your immature and cant learn to follow rules. Ive been roleplaying in crossroads 6 months after it first opened, and Ive not had one GM issue or staff issue. And never with other players. if youre going to go online and converse about players you dont even know in RL, then you seriously need to get a life. If youve got nothing better to do than post vindictive malisious comments over the internet, then youre childish and bitter, and people like you are not welcome in crossroads, because crossroads is for grown-ups. Have a nice day.

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