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Monday, March 30, 2009


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Cool. I hope more people come in and try to get their avatars looking like them. It'd help cut back on the 8 foot tall steroid junkies with rockstar hair or bling and baggy pants that still seem to be all over the place. It cracks me up knowing most of those people are probably in their late 30's or 40's.


One more thought on that, it does make me wonder what people who have their avatars meticulously recreated including approximating age appearance, etc, and then are surrounded by a bunch of 20 something looking avatars with huge pecs and bosoms are going to think. Kind of an instant culture clash, no?

Jacob Gills

Those avatars are ugly as sin.

Iris Ophelia

There's not exactly an abundance of glamourous attractive old people skins in SL, Jacob, and more to the point neither of the people they're based on is going to be a centerfold either. Prettiness has absolutely zero to do with this.

Widget Whiteberry

The remarkable thing is that Helen Thomas and Bob Bob Schieffer will be inworld. I imagine it's all built on the understanding of a critical mass of folks at WSU. Bravo!

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