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Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Hi, James, thanks for the unexpected mention here. It's a stumbling effort but it was fun to make regardless.

Regarding my leave, it's just for the blog and podcasting. I'm still in SL, just not extremely often. Time considerations are part of it, and other uses of my time are the other part of it.

What I hope to get away from in SL is the consideration of the metaverse in and of itself and instead just focus what time I do have on using it as a toolbox for things like the above, and working on little projects as I have time. The controversies and listening to people feel like the Lindens are betraying them every other week gets old.

Sometimes people get a little too invested in their own vision of what LL "owes" them and the particular world they've invented inside of it that they're fearful of losing. After awhile one grows slightly jaded and weary of it.

Anyway, thanks again.

Skate Foss

Really lovely, love Insilico and this machinima is a beautiful portrait of the world Skills Hak created. Radar, I like your comment above, about the people and the particular world they've invented inside of SL that they're fearful of losing. Very well put. Now if you excuse me, Im going to Insilico to find that club.


Skate, Skills Hak is amazingly talented. She keeps creating new things on the sims over there that just blow me away. Incredible work.

Hamlet Au

Thanks for the elaboration, Radar, will correct accordingly.

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