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Friday, March 27, 2009


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CyFishy Traveler

I still have a picture of it. It shows up on my screen each time I log in with my entry point set to Home. Me in my cybergoth pants, a homemade shirt and the Deviant Kitties hair that Miles gave me the Lindenage to buy, standing in the patch of snow that I'd just bought and claimed for myself.

Suddenly, a tiny slice of this virtual world was mine to do with as I wished. Mine to build on, set boundaries, stream music, and make my own. I'd made the transition from vagabond to landowner, and I've never looked back.

Ann Otoole

All I know is that a year in Second Life is like many actual years in real life. That is if you spend a lot of time in the immersion. The last 2 years feel like 10. It is hard to think only 2 years have gone by. Sadly those days are coming to an end I think. The more the Lab meddles in and with Second Life the less appealing it is for most of the people I know.

Arwyn Quandry

I ended up writing a bit too much, so I put it here:



It took a good 6-12 months of regular use before I was really a mature user, I think. It took a while to develop an aesthetic, a sense of the market (when I was new, 300L for hair or clothes seemed light years beyond my reach), and to learn how to find and make the most of resources -- both in-world (places to go, different communities) and out of it (Twitter/Plurk, developing a core list of SL blogs that are worth reading regularly). I've evolved as a user, even had an SL adolescence of sorts. It's been fascinating, and it's all led me to my "true" second self... or the current version, anyway. ;)

Doubledown Tandino

My coming of age was about a month after I started SL.... once all my newb lofty grand delusions of ideas were squashed... once I started focusing on practical small projects, and was successful, that was my coming of age.

Also, the day I got my first $1000L tip was a big moment. I dunno why, but for me, seeing that $1000L tip showed me how much people crave good live music.

So, basically, given that i spent every day in SL since I started, I began to of age about 30 days in, and left my newbness behind after about 2 months in.

The next coming of age was when I began taking on high-level, or important projects... which came about starting 7-8 months in.

Adz Childs

In one respect I found my SL self instantly when I joined in April 2006, the moment I mastered the body shape sliders. In another respect, I'm still a kid in SL,
-Adz Childs

Tom Boellstorff

That's a great use of "Coming of Age in Second Life," I quite agree! There's a part in my book where I talk about "the life course" for folks in sl and I think this is one thing Cheyenne is talking about. For myself, I think I "came of age" in sl very quickly, in the sense that it made sense to me, and that it didn't take long for it to become clear that (1) I could do anthropological research in sl and (2) I could have a lot of fun in sl at the same time. For me, one unexpected way I felt I "came of age" quickly was discovering that I loved building. No background as an architect or anything like that, so that was a pleasant surprise. Maybe a holdover from my childhood love of Legos, but above all for me it was the idea of creating a home, a place to share with others that was a rooted place for me. And the fact that such a rooted place was composed of pixels in a virtual world was one early clue that I should really think about how virtual worlds are places!

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