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Friday, April 24, 2009


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Ann Otoole

Word filters?

No biggie. How do you think BSG had evolved to say frack instead of the other banned word. All that will happen is people will change the vocabulary. Forced evolution of the spice!

Loki Eliot


Nyoko Salome

:0 i think although many of us (well, i do ;) consider the whole grid one big button marked 'click only if you are over 18', there's also the fact that, visually, it's 'one big shared webpage' inside. along with ad farmers and traffic-botters, this is something that, overall, seems to weight more pros than cons.

besides, we all know that it isn't -kids- that are making a fuss over this; it's adults with 'tender sensibilities'. for what it's worth, it will be the final 'shut up' to them over that... ;0

Nexus Burbclave

This has been one of the more drawn out rule changes. I wonder if we've reached a point where people on both sides of the issue are suffering from Adult Content Change fatigue.

Ann Otoole

Rezzable is closing more sims and "minimizing their expenses with LL".

The censorship is already active so adult related businesses can no longer place ads with words such as BDSM, Gorean, and fetish.

Clearly the intent is not to fence off adult material. The intent by Mr. Kapor is to totally censor Second Life.

It is baffling.

Adric Antfarm

Nexus is right. They should have ripped this off like a bandage instead this slow torture and endless public/blog open comment.

It would have been a hotter firestorm, but a memory by now.

No has changed their view from day one nor will they.

Ciaran Laval

I'm not seeing much positive reaction to this and the fact that LL's redefined PG classification is already being rolled back to their old definition shows there's a lot of protest about this.

This has been handled in an amazingly inept fashion, let's not forget that with Openspaces LL emailed owners, they're not doing anything like that with this issue.

Many people don't even realise the implications here, an island will have to be flagged adult if one parcel on the island sells adult content, that's going to cause problems.

If Linden Lab want to make this work they simply need to make it voluntary to move to Ursula and allow estate owners to flag parcels, rather than full islands as adult.

However that model doesn't fit in with making mature mainland PG. That's another implication people are going to be miffed about when the message hits home.

Erbo Evans

You're right, Hamlet, I haven't devoted the attention to this that I could have. I attempt to remedy the situation here.

TL;DR version of my post: "I Told You So."

Adric Antfarm

To show our disgust I say we all pack up and go with them. If anyone knows a really good place with hot stuff and room next door - let me know.

I have an adult business on one side of me and a damage enabled RPG on the other. I never see the pervs stomping by with automatic weapons in hand.

Other things, yes. Weapons, no.

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