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Monday, April 13, 2009


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Doubledown Tandino

I got to know of Ginsu's work through Ben Duranske's old blog Virtually Blind.

It was good stuff to follow along with, especially with the Bragg lawsuit.

My current question is, why let Ginsu go now, when there's the upcoming possible Worlds.com infringement situation.

Nasus Dumart

I had the honor of quoting Ginsu in our book, ('The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life® Virtual World'). I am sorry to hear he is leaving LL™ at a time when they may need his experience and expertise. His departure as one of the early LL™ leaders marks the end of an era. I sincerely wish him well.

Hamlet Au

... then again, Nasus, the fact that you're adding "TM" to every mention of Linden Lab suggests other Linden lawyers have not been as reasonable as Gene. :)

Nexus Burbclave

That post was one of Linden Lab's finest hours, at least in the time since I've been in-world. He is definitely going to be missed.

Bettina Tizzy

THIS is why I think you are at the very heart of the SL community, Hamlet. I never knew Ginsu and, tbh, didn't even know he existed, but then you go and share this fond memory and homage to him and we are missing him already.

Toxic Menges

Bettina.. I think that's Hamlet's point ... is he gonna be now? New guard on the watch now... let's hope they read the handover notes, and share at least some of the vision eh?

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