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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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JJccc Coronet

this video shows why people are leaving second life in there droves the sound on the video sucks, Sort out the visuals sounds in sl or everyone wil jump ship over night the minute something better comes along then it will be to late

JJccc Coronet

word of advice for making video set the sky and lighting level then set the junk as off use ctrl alt f1 also use a joypad to fly arround fo smoother effects

Hamlet Au

Thanks. I do usually remove the UI but I was trying to refer to my notes in a notepad at the same time. Like I said, it was a partly successful experiment.

Robustus Hax

Hey Hamlet, control-alt-f1 gets rid of the menus


@JJccc Err, people aren't leaving in droves. I agree LL needs a kick to get back on top technologically speaking, but people aren't leaving. If anything, they are coming in.

Toxic Menges

Or get a machinimist to cover it for you :) Only kidding, good job, the story is the main thing, right?

Hamlet Au

Actually I would be interested in working with a machinimist cameraperson/editor, would make it a lot easier for me to concentrate on the interview.

Toxic you have a lot more experience, do you know why my voice audio didn't recorded in FRAPS?


do we have an in-world videography services?

basically - someone with a super-hot video card, who can record and edit super nice videos.

it's hard, and that's why we have them in the real world. now we need them in SL too.

HeadBurro Antfarm

Hamlet - Osprey is a cracking film maker :)

Toxic Menges

I think you are onto something there Hamlet - you needs a crew ;) I don't use fraps as I am on a mac, but it sounds like your fraps was set to record directly from the viewer, and as your voice wouldn't be heard through that unless there was feedback from another speaker on M or T, that's why you didn't manage to record your voice.

Another reason why you need a third party there to record you.

Ciaran Laval

"The reason they took them down, he said, was because people were misinterpreting data on the page which suggested a decline in island ownership in the wake of the OpenSpaces controversy."

Err there was a decline in island ownership, they even said so in that interview. People knew that conversions meant 4 = 1.

Steven Groves / Estaban Graves

I've done a few in-world efforts at recording interviews; did one with M early on in the development of The Social Media Bible with Lon Safko, the author. Come see it on our parcel in SL or at YouTube byt searching Social Media Bible Mark Kingdon.

I'd be happy to help with the recording if you need it again.

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