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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Alanagh Recreant

This is a good addition to African content in Second Life. I am sure to visit it, and should have done so prior to posting actually - but I want to first agree with 'Two Worlds' and echo:

..."what I would REALLY like to see is an actual growing, dynamic community built around this Egypt sim"

Now, this is theoretically possible if one could harness the universities (mostly based in non-African countries) to bring their Egyptian interests and expertise. But, until the uptake of Second Life is MUCH better in Egypt and the rest of Africa, I do not think we will have a live community of 'modern-day Egyptians' adding their voices. There are currently 904 active users from Egypt inSL - according to March 2009 stats of Linden Lab. Less than 1% of the total users of SL. I would be really interested to know how many of the Egyption 'residents' inSL are involved in this, or have visited it - or commented on it.

My experience is that many content developers - not living in Africa - have an interest in Africa and Africa's people. These are inspired and interesting people and they play an important role to develop visual and immersive content for virtual worlds. However, we REALLY need to ALSO create an enabling access for Africans wishing to participate in their own country's augmentation. (This global exchange will result in the lively community and intercultural and cross-country dialogue needed to create authentic 'experiential' content in a virtual world).

Tony O'Driscoll speaks about the "power of presence" and I would argue it is both the build and the people that will generate this power - where worlds meet and people express themselves collectively. This is the way we will shape our global world.

The question that hangs in the air for me, is: "Are early-adopters prepared to invest pro-actively in the creation of bridges and get ICT infrastructure in place to level playing fields; OR are we as entrepreneurs now building silos to store digital goods and grow wealth in empire-building fashion?" Maybe we should learn from the Egyptians...

Kate Miranda

I think that the builds in Second Life are so interesting to look at that some new sim developers, and even some more experienced users forget that Second Life is still fundamentally driven by the same engine that drives the Social Web. It is powered by people's networks, by groups and by events that bring them together. "Build it and they will come" doesn't work in SL.

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