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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Vooper Werribee

Absolutely Amazing!!! It's like I've fallen into Gene Wolfe's 'New Sun' books!!

I love the term 'Machinema Verite' and yes, I agree this is a very nice novel use of the artform. I hope more people are inspired to make Machinema Verite after this.

The silent movie approach really work very well too.

This movie will stay on my favourites for a long time! :)

Opensource Obscure

"Second Life often feels like live cinema to me in any case... just need to press record."

I totally share this feeling.
Anyone else feels SL this way?

I'm used to hide the UI and use my Spacenavigator in Flycam mode - when I'm exploring a nice environment, that really makes me feel inside a movie I'm making realtime.


Some bad typos in the subtitles.

Liz Dorland (Chimera Cosmos)

I'm with you Hamlet. Chimera had NO IDEA what was going or what was going to happen during the tour. :-)

Amazing experience.

Lyric Lundquist

This completely captivated me.


HatHead Rickenbacker

it also suggests a new genre of machinima: an unscripted event shot in-world as the action unfolds, then copiously edited into a story that stands on its own.


The Ill Clan have been doing improv machimima for years now.


H3ctor Fetuccio

I thought it was a brilliant attempt at working with an established medium (cinema) in a whole new environment, with new constraints...so interesting that it's kind of the reverse of what it must have been like at the dawn of cinema, yet so many solutions to the production challenges turned out to be the same today. This is the dawn of a new creative age. Of course, love bryn oh's work immensely too, which makes it all the mreo enjoyable! :-)

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