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Monday, May 18, 2009


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Kate Miranda

So often in discussions about Second Life Music, the several active classical music venues are forgotten. My own Music Island project is more than 2 years old. Benton Wandelich's Music Academy includes classical Music as part of his offerings, Early Music is alive on Renaissance Island, thanks to Thom Dowd, and Clarissima Schumann has launched a new beautiful venue and series this year on her personal island. While most popular venues offer many hours of recorded music for every hour of live music, our series, at Music Island is dedicated to the presentation on one live event each week.

Komuso Tokugawa

Don't despair Kate...Music is Music is Music, whatever the genre - is my point, whatever the genre old or new.

Actually the quote about earnings was mine, based on my own anecdotal research/experience in SL. When I spoke to the TempleU Japan cybermedia class as a guest lecture I gave a similar answer in response to the standard question re: income.

In my proviso re: "being good" I should also elaborate this does not have to mean technically good, but more the ability to resonate musically with an audience and, more importantly, be able to communicate to them.

Also apologies to the fantabulous Matthew Ebel who's name I did not catch at the time but listening back is who I think the questioner was referring to about tipjar requests.

Jam on!

HatHead Rickenbacker

Nice shirt K-san!

Komuso Tokugawa

Available from the funky uniqlo t-shirt vending store H-San! http://www.kineda.com/uniqlo-ut-vending-machine-t-shirts-tokyo-japan/

justin bieber

this is one of the best websites that ive ever used

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