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Thursday, May 28, 2009


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anna gulaev

If there isn't both motivation and ability to run bots on those other systems, I think we can assume those are all humans, That'd place SL's *human* concurrency about 4th, after Team Fortress 2.

Arcadia Codesmith

90k concurrency isn't shabby. That's almost as much as some MMOs... currently in open beta.

WoW recently celebrated one million concurrent users.

Oboreruhito Gabilondo

@anna gulaev: You'd be surprised how popular idle servers are in TF2. Campers/bots and idlers probably cancel each other out.

These are totally different experiences, too. Not many people pop into SL for a 20 minute visit, but plenty jump into TF2 or L4D for a single match, a couple survival games or whatnot. Concurrency matters less than the number of active players.

Also, I don't doubt that the hardcore audiences of TF2 or L4D are less than Second Life's - there's no in-game assets to maintain, no persistent world to manipulate. And they're always in the process of moving from one competing product to another; SL still doesn't have that churn.

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