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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Uccello Poultry

Fabulous work! But how long before we see the avies misused?

Mako Kungfu

They're already being "misused". I was at a club and a Barack av (also named Barack) came in and griefed the place with particles and noise, spewing racial hatespeak. Though I'm all for freedom of expression, it was still a really an unfortunate incident.

SL resident and Flickrite Xanna Ziskey created avs for both Barack and Michelle during election season last year, and posted a small photo series about their in-world adventures (you can view it here: http://tinyurl.com/qhzfeu ). I saw the pics on Flickr and recall wondering if she was going to sell them and how long it would take for people to start using them for unintended purposes like griefing and enacting their Obama sex fantasies. Lol.


Really great work!
But doesn't it break the law, infringing a copyright on photos (as the avatar is definitely derivative work), personality rights of Barack Obama and probably even California Celebrities Rights Act (as servers and Linden Lab headquarters are located there)?

Christophe Hugo

Look-alikes are fun! But 3 caricatures are even better, and require more creativity:


Suzanne Miller

Exactly why I won't sell my Obama shapes to anyone but the Obamas, because I am afraid of their misuse. That, and they aren't perfect yet, lol.

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