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Sunday, May 17, 2009


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Torrid Luna

We are just about to launch a new company in Berlin/Germany, focussing on Opensim hosting and Second Life planning and building:

virtyou GmbH

Visit us on our Opensim MainGrid!

Torrid Luna, CTO virtyou
(Primforge Group)

Argus Collingwood

My blog covers lots of things that relate to my clothing line, however during the month of June Bid4ACure is having month long events to raise money for Diabetes Research. This is our Thrid year. Please check us out. http://www.bid4acure.org/

Mako Kungfu

The Armada Breakaway sim is just over two months old and seems to be doing well -- charity events like Victorian burlesque and dark mermaid synchronized swimming have been well-attended, a staged battle between sea creatures and ironclad warships was just a smash, and there was just a big building competition full of steampunky goodness. My shop, Atomic Owl, is doing well in Armada's Merchant Square and I've started hosting a weekly trivia in Armada's little park every Monday at 5pm SLT. Basically, I think Armada is a very cool place and more people should come check it out -- it's a floating steampunk pirate city built on the bones of boats, with airships, dark mermaids and plenty of adventure. All are welcome, RP encouraged but optional. I'm not one of the sim owners/creators, just someone who moves in and out of the place and thought it deserved a plug.

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Armada%20Breakaway/133/144/34


here! me! me! *jumps up and down*

what I have share? um, wait.
I make stuff and ART and stuff.
please visit and have a look!
I will give you the SLURL to the Skyloft where you can grab a free drink, but if you're interested in RL cocktail-robotics you might also want to visit the showroom at 50m altitude.

k thx for your attention, bai :]

Arwyn Quandry

*Shamelessly promotes my blog*

I run the one and only TSL commentary blog. Read from the perspective of a teen, or follow me on Plurk!


or on Plurk: Arwyn Q

Nahasa Singh

Shameless, eh ? OK you asked for it.

Just what the world needed, another freebie blog. But this one's good, I swear !

Life^2 - http://lifetothesecondpower.wordpress.com

Now you can look like a million Lindens, for free or less ! Hurry ! Offer expires tonight ! (not really)

Cady Enoch

Wow, thanks for the plug space, Wagner! I'd love to invite your readers to visit the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life! We have been around for two years now, and have been holding regular worship services for the past year. We also have regular discussion and bible study gatherings, as well as informal times of fellowship around the cathedral. And everyone is most welcome to attend, whatever your belief system (or lack thereof) as long as you are respectful of our space. We are a very welcoming community, and enjoy meeting new friends and getting into discussions, both profound and otherwise.

For more information about us, please visit http://slangcath.wordpress.com/, or just drop by at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Epiphany/90/147/50.

Peace and blessings to all,

Cady Enoch
Leadership Chair
Anglicans of Second Life


Yay, we love shameless self-promos on NWN! I just write about fashion at http://juicybomb.typepad.com, since 2007! All SL fashion, all the time (and sometimes rants...) :P


forgot to promote teh blog in my comment above!
but shamelessly here goes:
to visit my bloggage.
about interresting things.

CyFishy Traveler

My newbie site has had a few updates and I'll be adding more soon:


Social Butterfly :)i(: has been selling Kaleidoscope Eyes:


I'm also planning on doing a series of profiles on my blog of avies who arrived in SL during the Great Duranie Influx of 2006 and are still waiting for Duran Duran to show up . . . check my LJ for details:


Leland Ansar

The Fifth Annual Second Pride festival is about to begin!!
The only Global Gay Pride celecbration in existence takes place in Second Life May 23rd through May 30th and features some of SL's most talented builders, scriptors, musicians, performer, educational information, and more. Proceeds for 2009 are being donated to Amnesty International OUTfront organization which helps GLBT people all over the world with issues the GLBT community faces such as discrimination, housing issues, violence, employment issues, same-sex unions and more. For more information please visit http://www.secondpride.com


T O N I G H T - O N L Y!

When: 6PM until 10PM SLT (Sunday Night)
Where: Club Descent
Surl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Doldari/96/209/58
What: Finest Erotic Dancing in SL
Venue: Best Gothic Music in SL
Who: The one, the only, Former Tuzandi Slave, Sonya.
Why: Because you NEED it.
Why Else: Because you WANT it.
Why Else #2: Free Doughnuts
Why Else #3: Free Champaign
Why Else #4: Amazing gothic atmosphere
Why Else #5: SONYA

Brekka Nighfire

Tonight on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe at 6pm sl Monet Destiny - Brooklyn is Watching,... Anek Fuchs and Gina Stella two sl musicans who met in sl and are now together in rl .. and Artist Gracie Kendall Watch on http://www.slcn.tv or in world Treet/slcn screens or come on out to the studio and be part of the audience http://slurl.com/secondlife/Northpoint/207/143/32

Fleep Tuque

-== Chilbo Community ==-

Chilbo is a community of artists, architects, educators, musicians, parents, hobbyists, students, and people from around the world who share a common vision that our interactions and experiences in virtual worlds can have a positive impact on our real world and our real lives.

Web: http://chilbo.org

SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chilbo/111/232/121

Kevin Tweedy

Like to share a recent movie we made regaring the open source veiwer project called Xenki.


Any one interested can contact me in SL or in the IRC chanel on FreeNode: #Xenki.

K. Tweedy
SL: Mystical Demain

Viorel Daviau

Obscure Reality - a completely grayscale environment (RP environment, but visitors can swing by and look around).

Elsbeth Writer

My gallery Picture Your World at Dogwood Commons (Urkenranch 200, 100) has landscapes from around the grid. Also a theme exhibit in the loft. This month it's "How Does Your Garden Grow?" with lovely shots of inworld gardens. I also have stores at Oceanside Plaza in Agapema and in the sky mall on Earth Elements Island. Come visit!

Ann Otoole

Need a better profile picture? Want to take a profile pic with a friend? How about a bob of friends? Come to Kali Isle and try the public photo garden out. Loads of photo studios and hundreds of backdrops. Modeling poses galore. Yes male poses too. Lots of mob poses (up to 21 avatars per mob) so get your posse together for a pic. While visiting Kali Isle you can shop at numerous shops including Blue Blood, AVANTMELON, Unique Nees! and VampArt.



Everyone should watch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2V9EerTd8g for a few lols.

Mako Magellan

Victorian Second Life at http://victoriansecondlife.ning.com/
This is a ning which operates as a general forum for all Victorian-themed areas, businesses, events, et cetera, in Second Life. It is free to join and has links to a number of other Victorian-related forums in SL.

Lord Coalcliff

Your all welcome to visit my islands. I have stores that sell content from the best creators in Secondlife. But my main business is SkyView Home Rentals, 130 homes located across 4 tropical islands.
Visit here

Komuso Tokugawa

Tokyo Barcamp http://vimeo.com/channels/tbarcamp
Spot the avatar...

Aleida (Cecille Enoch)

RENOVATIO lucis presents music . first :
http://music.renovatio-lucis.nl !

It is our goal to support & promote musical artists who are active in Second Life outside the virtual world box.

You can browse the artist database with artists and sign up for FREE. Next to that we keep our visitors informed of music news & competitions they might be interested in.

Why check it out? Because everybody loves music!

jjccc coronet

Art Art art bla bla bla art secondlife art bla bla abstract bla bla bla art art abstract art bla bla best in secondlife goto this link bla bla bla art art bla bla


Hope you like it bla bla bla

Lucrecia Slade

BAD GIRLS MAGAZINE (or simply BG Mag) is a Brazilian magazine that, since July 2007, comments about Second Life with good humor, style and attitude.

Two insane friends are responsible for the mag -- Alyne Dagger and Lucrecia Slade. XD

Our last issue (Brazilian Portuguese) is online:

International edition (in English) coming soon!!!


I've had many a venture in SL over the years, all have failed miserably.

Yesterday I opened my next, just to see how it goes really, being a little more confident this time.

..in the FRAME, for picture, photo frames and lighting.

I do not profess to be a master builder, but I'd like beginner's to visit really, to see just what can be done, with the minimal of talent or building skills.

Thank you.


Hamlet Au

Holy cow, I wasn't expecting this barrage, very cool. I'll freeze this up and do another one next weekend.

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