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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Bettina Tizzy

Sounds like Weblin.

Bettina Tizzy

They really worked hard on the name, huh? ROFL A LOT.

Ann Otoole

Another bodily noise named fad system rofl.

(I'm not amused with or disrespecting the technology. It amuses me that venture capital people with too much money on their hands all seem to have a fascination with any company named for some sort of bodily noise. lol )

Hamlet Au

I think there's a Silicon Valley betting pool wagering which VC can get the biggest valuation from the weirdest sounding company name. Google can't hold that title forever.

Doubledown Tandino

I've been playing with blurp for a few hours.
I dig it, then I tweeted about it, now I'm blog commenting about it... later I'll blerp that I did all this on my facebook page. ... that is if I don't break my own neck first.


That's it. I'm going to start my own anti-social network. It'll be dead easy to code - just a chat window which doesn't connect to anything. You type in what you're currently feeling, thinking or doing and it does....nothing.

We'll call it 'YAWN'

Honour McMillan

This time (I think) last year I experimented with Weblins - cute, interesting. But I found that when I was reading the news on CNN (for example) I resented somebody trying to chat with me.
I think I found a line behind which I would just as happily not be networking thank you.
It was a bit of a shock as well to be continually reminded that you aren't alone with your thoughts anywhere in cyberspace.
Or maybe I'm just old and grumpy. :)

Steve Hoffman

I'm the CEO of RocketOn, and I couldn't help reading all the comments above regarding the name "Blerp!" Here's the story... originally, we were going to call the site Hyperlayers.com, which we also own. But Hyperlayers seemed to too techie for the mainstream users, and yes, our VC didn't like it. So we searched and searched and searched, and eventually Blerp popped into our silly, little heads! It's short, easy to remember and guttural (blerp!).

Steve Hoffman

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