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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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London Spengler

"Avatars that explore many sims are more likely to be detected"

As I see it, many partnered people tend to stay a lot at the same sims, with a fixed set of friends, and so it is hard that they will be detectected by those scanners.

Even if we only consider that partnered couples tend to stay at home much more than single ones, that should bring a lot of doubt about that scarce six percent the statistic show.

Anyway, only to add our 0.000003 percent... born in 2006, partnered in 2007 and still going *smiles*.

Ari Blackthorne

I am curious how bots are factored into all this data.

I am seriously convinced that one in 4 "green dots" on the map is a bot of some kind, maybe even a higher ratio. Plowing through 'user profiles' doesn't necessarily indicate an active account (in many forms of "active" as well.)

I have been in SL since early '06 and have more or less given up peeking at profiles very often. But one thing I also have noticed with the "partner" field is the number of 'partners' that are same sex (apparently) and almost always where both are female.

Just some curiosities.


Crap Mariner

Does a bot itself count as active?


Skate Foss

As an 06 resident who was always against the whole partnering concept,
I must say that when cupid's arrow hits you.. it can knock you down.

Thorn Witrial

I was born in '08 and met my future partner when I was three weeks old. He was nearly two years old at the time and had been single nearly all of those two years. We didn't know at the time how amazing we would find each other to be. ^_^

After 'living in sin' for several months, I asked him to partner and we did, Feb. 7 of this year.


I am partnered since the end of november 2007 and were still together. RL since januari 2008.
I find it strange to see those figures are only 6% because when I look at profiles I see alot of them are partnered.

Siobhan Taylor

Born 2003, been with current partner since Nov 2004, partnered since Feb 2005. Still going strong.

Viorel Daviau

If LL added the option to have multiple partners you would see that number rise quite a bit.


I'm exhausted from all the IM's I get now. Partnered? No thanks... wouldn't get a minute to myself. I prefer to do things and go places on my tod thank you very much.

In my experience it's us veterans who aren't partnered and the week old residents who are married with the 'talking stomach' sorry mini avie on the way.

JohnD Troglodite

I don't buy for a second that partnering is nearly this uncommon among people who actually log in regularly. And since in my experience people who partner casually tend to also partner serially -- that is, most people I know who partner and break up also tend to partner again within a few months -- the "divorce" hypothesis is dubious at best.

Mitch Wagner

I've always assumed that Second Life weddings existed for the purpose of having the wedding. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And I've never actually been to an SL wedding.

Ann Otoole

Oh only 6%?

Hey since Linden Lab is on a Sherman March To The Sea campaign of cutting features then there you go. I expect to see partnering be deleted in the near future. Just not enough interest in that feature.

Sadly a lot of people and numerous businesses depend on that feature. So it is definitely another way to force active concurrency down by driving customers away.

So that is two major justifications.

The third is if someone close to Linden Lab got their feelings hurt in a partnership then three strikes and it is out.

Since weddings are personal you tend to have to be a close friend of someone to be invited Mitch. I've been to a few weddings and Handfastings. Very touching and pretty.

Arcadia Codesmith

"Veteran Users More Commitment-Oriented"

It's not that people are more likely to commit because they're veterans; they're veterans because they're more likely to commit. Somebody invested in a long-term relationship with another resident is likely to stay with a given virtual world longer than someone who isn't.

Increase retention; implement matchmaking services :)

Jane2 McMahon

You have to factor in bots and alts..the percentage increases. Further not every partnering is a "wedding" or "romantic".

CyFishy Traveler

What about avies who have been previously partnered and have given up on the notion after that partnership ended for whatever reason?

I'm also wondering how you would count people who have partnered, unpartnered and repartnered several different avies in rapid succession. After seeing enough of those, one starts to take the whole partnership thing a little less seriously.

Juko Tempel

Also important to note that at best this just counts people who use the SL partnering mechanism.. and many don't. As already mentioned it can't show multiple partners, and having 'partnered' in your profile isn't the only way to be committed to someone :-)


@Ann It would be pretty dumb if they took away the feature ( not that they immune to dumb actions) as they would be crushing ppl that feature is Important (deleting their expression of love or friendship). thats harsh. I would seriously think of quitting if they did.

One other quick point. The number of real partnerships must be very small. As my mate and I partnered our alts together ( i know other couples who do this too). And I'm sure ppl also partnered their own alts together just to avoid ims from suitors.

Lissa Pinion

I don't believe that those numbers are correct. First of all, while most of my inworld friends do enjoy exploring, we do all tend to stick to our sims so maybe surfers aren't being counted b/c of this. hehe The majority of us are partnered as well and it seems we are invited to quite a few weddings. Of course there is room for numbers being off kilter to a few degrees either way but only 6%? No way. My partner and I just partnered after being together nearly 2 yrs while we do know those who partner then divorce faster than rabbits mate. No way I can believe only 6%

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