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Monday, May 18, 2009


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Arcadia Codesmith

So if I do second-rate hip-hop in some greasy dive as Arcadia Codesmith I'm in the clear, but if I'm a top-rated musician under the exact same name in Second Life, I'm not?


Ann Otoole

Bull hockey. I know of someone abusing facebook for commercial purposes using an SL business/avatar name and facebook most certainly knows about it and allows it. I guess it depends on who you are and whether or not the facebook people are fans/beneficiaries.

Crap Mariner

Watch M on Metanomics and ready his followup QA on their website.

If something's not in the works between LL and FB on this subject, then there's gotta something in the works somewhere.

I predict a FB Lite or FakeBook or something just for Avs.

And, yes, I know this kind of stuff has been made by the masses in Ning and other sites. But LL wants to have a piece of that action, based on M's mention of the website landing points and popular pages. (Friends Online list being huge)


Caliburn Susanto

Very irksome. Personally I don't care about FaceBook, but of course many do enjoy what it affords.

What really bothers me is the fact that this is a "tattletale" modus operandi. Your account gets deleted as soon as someone complains that it is "fake." So everyone is susceptible to whoever feels like fingering them for deletion.

In that case, if you ask me, the people who run FaceBook have a lot less integrity than the people who's accounts they are deleting for being "untrustworthy."

There is a new service started called SLNexus (www.slnexus.com) that is out there that is FB-like. I'm not affiliated with the ownership of it and don't know much about it; just pointing out that it is out there to investigate.

Robustus Hax

Yep, I got banned for signing up with a facebook account using my SL avatar name.

Toxic Menges

Some should point out the success Plurk is having, mainly due to being welcoming to SL users, and quote some of the numbers that were quoted here. Numbers talk.


Sounds like a ripe opportunity for a FB app to fill in the gap. A clone won't cut it unless it bridges the communities in a meaningful fashion.

Connie Sec

Caliburn has a point. "Tatttle Taleing". All you need is for someone to have a perceived grievance or jealousy and .."Blam" your out. It either is OK or Not. Relying on the Little Hitlers of the Net to do your dirty work amounts to squibbing and plain laziness.

Arcadia Codesmith

There is nothing wrong with reporting blatant rules violations that are detrimental to the community as a whole, and it's the responsibility of the virtual citizen to do so. And there's a nice glowy feeling of justice to be had when you help nail some slimy copybot abuser to the wall.

That said, relying on user reports as the primary mechanism of enforcement in a virtual community is going to give you spotty coverage, unmerited "grief" complaints against targeted individuals and groups, and a general cultural contempt for the rules. To be effective, rules enforcement needs to be visible, swift, consistant and efficient at resolving the problem. User reports need to be addressed, but they should suppliment proactive staff enforcement, not replace it.

That's assuming the rule actually benefits the community. You need the flexibility to modify or eliminate rules that have outlived their usefulness, based on community feedback.

This one fails Fairness 101; you can't allow pseudonyms for one group of users and deny them to another. Users won't follow an unfair rule, and that weakens their willingness to follow other, much more important rules.

Don't waste breath griping about snitches when the problem is bad policy.

Tateru Nino

From Axten's comments, I *still* can't figure out if my FB account is junk or not. It's a legal name, and it's the one I use most often.

Is it going to get my account banned/deleted? I can't tell.

Mitch Wagner

But Holocaust denial is OK with Facebook.

Princess Ivory

I seem to recall FB saying that instead of an individual account using your avatar name, you can set up a "fan page" for your avatar, much like a band or other celebrity would do. I don't know much about it, but people might want to investigate fan pages on Facebook as an option for their avatar.

Tempest Guisse

And just how do they intend to "prove" that these SL names AREN'T someone's RL name? Does Facebook now require a valid gov't issued ID card? I can guarantee, the names I am known by in RL you will NOT FIND in ANY record search--nicknames (those given by parents or family members, but IS your "real name") usually aren't. Many of us DO answer to our ONLINE names, as we have had them for a number of years.
Good luck with that, FB.

Devils Advocate

I've been on SL for many man years. I've also seen numerous social networking sl websites. Wasn't facebook started to connect with people you want to school with in the first place? Real people to keep in contact with old friend & relatives? It's not discrimination. It's them keeping the original idea of why facebook was started in the first place. This isn't discrimination. This is them trying to avoid issues with people not using their real identities. (An EXTREMELY hard thing to do since this is the internet.) And a slight attempt at keeping it safer for those that use it.

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