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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


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Alicia Chenaux

Oh dear. :) I've actually had someone like that submitted for our blog, but I had yet to put it up.

I'll be the first to admit that I am bad at putting outfits together. I know what I personally don't care for, and what is a fashion no-no in either life, but I'm quite lucky if I match half the time.

However, Hamlet, if you ever want a makeover, you know where to come to. ;)

Hamlet Au

I'd love one! Though another expert promised me one *months* ago.


Hamlet getting a makeover? Now that's newsworthy!!


Hamlet makeover sounds delicious.


NWN should throw a Hamlet makeover contest.

Chestnut Rau

Iris Ophelia should be in charge of Hamlet's makeover since she is the NWN fashion expert!

Hamlet Au

Iris is waiting with another fashionista for a custom skin. But if she don't move her butt on that, I should willingly throw myself into the able hands of Lashy and Mz. Chenaux.


Well, Hamlet, I'd like to see the makeover project, maybe make it an event.

I am compelled to comment on the post. I spent most of last night discussing fashion and the need for more and more realism in my avatar with my SL partner. He's the type that can wear the same things for days and days, and doesn't see the need to get new skin or shoes, etc. as the quality of those improve. A long time ago I read something by a Second Life educator, Intelligirl, called "Avatar as SL Literacy", and that concept has guided me to continually evolve.

Peter Stindberg

Get Philip to join into that makeover please :-)

Thanks for featuring the photo (the name is "Stindberg" btw). I should point out that the avatar in question was some 18 months in SL. Unfortunately I crashed shortly after I took the second pic and once I was back in she was not on the sim anymore and I could not recall her name.

Hamlet Au

The search for Miss Facelight-house Head continues, then!

Peter, I'm sorry for screwing up your name, something about it seems to gives me mild dyslexia. Fixing now!

Gahum Riptide

Yes Hamlet, you need a makeover ;). Aside from skin, I'd like to see you in an updated suit (or at least a range of white suits from different places), modern hair, and if you do not have one, an animation overrider.

Connie Sec

Wow, certainly a LOT of "feedback" on your Avatar Hamlet :) Yea..a "lets pimp Hamlet contest" may be a goer. I think the boys at Kmadd would love to get their hands on you (Figuratively speaking).I find it quite funny that generally, most Lindens look like noobes, or seem to have a cursory interest in their avatar.
As regards facelight disasters. Yes.. some think u need superbowl lighting to stand out. Unfortunately it bleaches out your av and is not a good look. However pointing this out in person, or for that matter any other "mistake", can be a minefield with some perhaps taking it as a personal affront..so we move on in silence.

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