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Friday, May 22, 2009


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Sioban McMahon

In SL, it's like our brains are wired together, for better or for worse. Relationships are intense and they are real, despite a lack of physical contact. A lover or partner in SL still is a person with whom you share intimacy, in many cases intimacy that your RL spouse/partner has every right to expect to be directed to him/her.

It's good to see that Night had her priorities in order and put her RL, particularly her kids, before SL.

Mo Hax

Having seen so many come and grow, some leave, some not. Watching this progression is fascinating. I still think someone could write an entire book about the impact of several years in Second Life on physical life.

soror nishi

as I wrote in this post http://sorornishi.blogspot.com/2009/04/transgression-and-addiction.html
it gets too hot so people get out of the kitchen.

I find it ridiculous that this woman cannot have a Second Life and think the excuse is thin.

When the conflict between conscious and unconscious elements gets too demanding then it is easy for anyone ("with insight and some resignation or a feeling of resentment, places himself on the side of reason and convention.") to leave, but what a shame.

The kids sleep at night...
The husband watches crap on the TV...
She could surely do what she likes with her spare time.
I have no sympathy with this.

Doreen Garrigus

In my RL social circle, I found SL first. And then I promptly proceeded to pull everyone I possibly could in with me. For some of them it stuck and for some it didn't. Nobody was horrified or judgmental. Nobody thought it was a waste of time. Nobody was threatened by it, not even the wonderful man I share my life with, who came in and stayed.

Of course, he says he would have reacted in a vastly different way if I had been intimately involved with someone else in world. The words he used were "upset", "hurt", "angry", "off-balance", and "resentful".

It strikes me that Night's issue in her RL relationship had very little to do with Second Life and everything to do with honesty and trust.

Chris Katz

Having sex sl is just like having rl sl so if she is married and having sex with someone in sl, her husband should divorce her.

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