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Monday, May 11, 2009


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Iggy O

Virtual Harlem is a wonderful set of sims. It was a standout part of the recent conference on Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education.

Hamlet, I'm glad you've covered it before and I'm pleased to see more publicity coming to this part of SL. I wrote a bit about it after the conference, and there are SLURLs to a few places I visited:


Porsupah Ree

I do hope that publishers wind up making some attempt to keep up with authors such as her - with lamentably few exceptions, options for reading literature largely remain confined to paper only, nothing else. It's a fine medium, with much to commend it, but electronic distribution affords substantial benefits of its own. Hopefully both will be made available, for whomever wishes to enjoy the fruits of authors' labors, in whatever manner suits them most agreeably.

I suppose about the only major drawback to holding a "signing" in SL, for the forseeable future, is the same impediment to holding concerts: the low number of avs supported per sim. Still, smaller venues continue to have appeal, even for world-class bands - the same surely can hold true of SL. Not to mention the simply fun aspect of the choice of venues available, as demonstrated here, or indeed, the av you choose for yourself.

Zillow Dejavu

@Porsupah. The low number of avs supported per sim is a concern, as Kimberla Roby sometimes gets a couple of hundred fans at her book readings. I'm not expecting those kinds of numbers in SL; However those who show up will go out and talk about it and the publicity leading up to and following the event also help. Also, since there are so few obstacles to doing this kind of thing online if an author (or anyone) is popular it's relatively easy to have a second or third appearance.

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