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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Ran Garrigus

I don't think SL has been specifically blocked, but I do think the degradation of internet access there just makes SL impossible.

There is one possibility, though, if Internet access is up to snuff: some of them are still managing to connect by way of non-Iranian VPN connections. I don't know that LL would spot this in a cursory look of originating IPs.

The fact that you can't find any suggests Internet access is still poor, though.

Adric Antfarm

Or.....panic and riots make you not want to hang out at Prim Hearts so much as opposed to in the cellar?


Iran Gov has severely throttled bandwidth and probably disabling a lot of protocols.
I wouldn't be shocked if *secondlife* was on a filter rule.

Twitter is technically blocked too but alot of services act as proxies to get to it.

I can only hope we see a peaceful resolution.


See Also: Wired article on crackdown...


Lillie Yifu

I haven't seen any of the people from Iran that I usually see.

Belial Bamaisin

SL was discontinued here in Iran since November 2008. All of a sudden SL was gone and the message was referring to DNS problem.Also SL website is not reachable.


i am from iran it is completely impossible for us to connect to SL i tried many many anti filters and even your-freedom (that is the suggested solution in some blogs and forums) doesnt work, please help us to continue our second life!

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