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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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Valiant Westland

I spent time taking it, but was disappointed by the quality. Ultimately, I did NOT complete it, because they asked for a complete birth date. It seems the survey creator is unaware that asking for a complete birth date, not just the year of birth, makes the survey NON-ANONYMOUS! I would hope that someone working on a Master’s Thesis or their professors would be more intelligent. Pfftt - Academics!


This has to be one of the worst written academic surveys ever. It sounds less like an academic survey and more like a "I'm an idiot who engages in relationships in SL and got burned" survey than anything. And the look of the survey confirms it.

You've really slipped your standards as to what qualifies newsworthy topics. You've gone to ignoring stuff sent to you about topics that do matter, and publishing junk about relationships and celebrity look-alikes instead. I think it's time I reconsider what RSS feeds I stick in my reader.

Hamlet Au

Keep it civil, please, I don't think that's a fair appraisal of this survey's intent.

Loki Eliot

Do they mean real life birthday or secondlife birthday??

Hamlet Au

Presumably RL, but I've asked the researcher to handle these questions here.


Hi all!

I've already answered Valiant Westland via e-mail. We only need the year of birth, the day and month is not important for the statistics. And please, don't hate academics, they're only human. :)

@Nurbs: I'm sorry that you were disappointed, but I can assure you that the topic is worth to research on. And personally I have seen worse academic surveys than this one. The look of the survey was not designed by me, it is the standard look of the survey progamme. O, and I never got engaged in any SL-relationship. :)

@Loki Eliot: I mean RL birth date!

@James: thank you soooo much for me helping me here! Despite some critical remarks, I still believe it is a positive, constructive study.

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