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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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As a member of Second Life since late 2003 I feel quite at home in the virtual world. Earlier this year my wife accused me of spending to much time in this virtual world. She literally "hates" it. I'd like to see a discussion on how to integrate ones real life with Second Life and help other family members understand what Second Life is and can do. Thanks.

Delinda Dyrssen

Live Music in Second Life.


I think that is a wonderful idea to discuss how to balance RL/SL. My husband is currently in Korea (army deployment) and hated SL before he went. Now he is in with me for hours each day and loves it. It is our way to be together, and nurture our marriage while we have long separations due to the military.


Interesting comment stacybee. I started playing when I was in the Army after an injury. Ironically I'm now a civilian and my wife is in the Army. So perhaps... something about military involvement as well?

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