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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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Nexus Burbclave

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Kala Pixie has been using this effect as part of her particle show for going on a year now. Its nice to see other people making use of it though, as it can certainly add some interesting effects if the video's are well chosen. This just definitely isn't a first.

Pavl Duke

Hang on a minute, Nexus - I built this place in 2006!!! That's an old, old bubble....
Look once, look twice, look at the thing you're talking about:)

Nexus Burbclave

My apologies Pavl. From the story, it sounded like this place was brand new. I'll definitely come by to check it out when I am next in-world. It's a feature that when well used has a lot of potential.

Rodolpho Teardrop

The venue hosting it is brand new. Pavl is an old hand.

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