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Sunday, June 21, 2009


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Uccello Poultry

The Isle of Lesbos supports the LGBT Community by providing a place for recreation, socialization, and communication both now and in the future. Our exhibit is a meeting hall where visitors can access information about the LGBT community, comfortably relax, and gather to discuss issues that impact our diverse culture. Images of the Isle of Lesbos resort and portraits of various members accent the darkly futuristic build. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL6B%20Aeon/231/28/23

Maggie Darwin

Hard to appreciate SL6B with my own region still being down after 12h of "emergency maintenance". Rumor says this is SL6B related.

Peter Stindberg

Defintely check out the "Designer Showcase Network" (DSN) exhibit at Quantum, and the panel discussion held there on Friday, 26th at 1pm SLT.

My own exhibit for "Babel Translations" is on the Quantum sim as well, featuring language tools and backgrounds.

Ina Centaur

The SL Shakespeare Company and Virtual Shakespeare Consortium will NOT be at SL6B. But, please check out our new Blackfriars Theatre @ http://SLurl.com/secondlife/Shakespeare/19/77/48

Toxic Menges

Members of the resident SL6B team - Phaylen Fairchild, Poid Mahovlich and Toxic Menges have put together a blog about some of the fantastic things that are going on here.


We are trying to update a few times a day because there really is so much here to enjoy. Please do come and visit, the creativity and invention of SL6B - made possible by the great talent we have amongst us!

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

I have to suggest anyone check out the Studio Wikitecture build and demo Wikitecture Tree at SL6B. A group of us collaborated using the wiki tree to create the build that will be there. Do stop by!


I just use blogpsot..T_T
Can I put this article to my blog?

Opensource Obscure

Here's the address for the SL6B exhibit I built with my team - it's set in year 2024 and it's about future use of virtual environments:
slurl.com/secondlife/SL6B Void/103/21/23

In the next years, personal portable devices, data visualization and data input technologies that are currently being developed will boost new potentialities and new application fields for virtual environments.

Basing on the hypotheses and the reflections arising from today's online discussion on these topics, 2024 team built an urban environment where some of these technologies are shown in use within everyday activities of year 2024.


Newbie here, I wanted to advise you of the [URL=http://malwarren2.tripod.com]malwarebyte[/URL] that is going around the net. This might be a bit off topic but hopefully it will help folks get that crapy spyware off their PC. Thanks, Newbie

Galena Qi

Two builds that made me very happy:

Pick up a free Data Cruiser from Jopsy Pendragon's Particle/Vehicle Lab Kiosk and swoop through the SL6B night sky on a glittering cloud of light.

Numerous and varied artificial life forms are born, live, and die in a deep pool surrounded by a tranquil Japanese garden. Many of the organisms can be interacted with. Fascinating and fun to watch for a long time. Be sure to venture into the pool.

Ruuh Cassini

Can a religion like Islam exist in the future, let alone a virtual world? Explore our exhibit and make up your own mind.

We also launched the first complete SL edition of the Noble Qur'an recently, at SL6B. Do grab a free copy if you wish to satisfy your intellectual curiosity.


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