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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Valiant Westland

"External policy concerns!?" Linden Lab has every right to protect their brand(s) and Trademarks.

If they don't want people using "SL" as part of their product or service name, then don't do it. Use a little bit of creativity and come up with another name. Since these clients are increasingly being coded to work with multiple Virtual World environments, having a name that omits a direct reference to SL is a good thing.

Here are a few examples: Note: If you are an alternative client coder and wind up using one of these, all I ask is credit for the idea. LOL

HyperViewer or HyperV for short. - Great for a viewer that is designed for speed.

MetaMax client. - Obviously associated with the Metaverse and gives the impression of "Maximum Functionality"

MetaView client. - Offers special features for metaverse photographers and machinimators.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Hopefully we'll see a major player enter the alternative client market soon and provide a truly competitive, well-supported and feature rich alternative to the SL client.

Sasara Klaar

Valiant, Boy and Henri both provide "truly competitive, well-supported and feature rich" alternatives, as do several others. I've been using Boy's version for a long time, and find it far better in all regards than the "official" viewer. (Including support)

Personally, I don't find this so-called "fork" to be sad at all. All of them provide source, and their improvements cross-pollinate, making the entire viewer ecosystem better.

Uncool? No. The only uncoolness was the tension between Boy and Henri over the naming, and that is now resolved with the parting of the ways. I'd also point out that neither of them ever descended into immature name-calling. It was an honest difference of opinion, and my respect for both remains intact.

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